Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Humanities: Roots #1 & Cardboard Challenging

We'll start with some improv (sorry we missed it on Monday) and then dive into Roots #1, our first vocabulary unit.

When we study vocabulary here, our goal is for you to learn Greek, Latin, Old English root words so you can then figure out a lot more words from those understandings.

You can find all of our roots lists to for the entire here at THIS LINK for VOCAB.  You will also find links to Quizlet there as well.

For now, just worry about Roots List 1.

We'll get you oriented to the words, you can print off lists if you like, and then we'll be doing an activity on Thursday with them.

Besides the quiz next  Thursday, you have a product to complete with your Roots 1 list as well.  More on that in class.

For the rest of the day, Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Ryder will be meeting with cardboard challenge teams.

Mr. Dunbar will be showing folks how to organize Google Drive folders.

Mr. Ryder will be helping folks understand design thinking and show their understanding for project design work.  The DEEP Design Thinking Graphic Organizer is due on Wednesday.

Cardboard Challenge: Project must be done Oct 2nd! 
Roots #1: Product & Quiz Due Thursday, 9/26

Gather resources!  Bring them in! See the Cardboard Challenge document for stuff we might need.  We have space!  We need all the cardboard you folks can find!