Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Humanities: Extreme by Design Predictions & Metacognition

We started the day with roots knockout.  Big quiz on Roots 6 through 8 on Thursday.  Also, Roots products due that day as well.

We made some predictions about which Habits of Mind we expected to use today, based on knowing we'll be making predictions about a documentary, watching it, and then testing them.

Then we watched JUST the trailer for Extreme by Design.

We made predictions and think-pair-shared those predictions, highlighting key words in our partners' predictions.

Then we watched the first 17 minutes of the documentary.

After watching we looked at our predictions again and wrote two paragraphs using these stems:

Before we watched the documentary, I thought . . . .

Now that I have watched part of the documentary, I think . . . 


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd: Post your thinking on Extreme by Design.  What do you think about the ideas being shared here? What do you think about this work?  What if Mt. Blue Campus students did this sort of work?

Roots: Quiz & Product 8
Due: Thursday

MUGS: Quiz
Due: Wednesday

Missing Work: Get It In!
Due: ASAP!

PACE: Analyzing "The Mask" by 8 Feet Tall

Today in class we started with a quick review of our key poetic terms for this unit:
Figurative Language

As projects are due, and graphic organizers too, I wanted to make sure our thinking is calibrated going into the final two weeks of the quarter.  

Plus, last night I got a Facebook message from Pete Doom, vocalist/MC/songwriter/generally good dude from the Boston hip hop/funk band, 8 Feet Tall.  They've got a new record out and he sent me a link outta the blue.  It seemed like it fit into the work we've been doing and would be a nice refresher.  Plus, does it get any more "new" than eight hours?  Eight hours, 8 Feet Tall.  See? Strange mojo afoot.  Afoot.  Feet.  See?

Folks started by using their design kits to mark up the lyrics after a first listen.  

Then, in Ohana teams, they analyzed parts of the song on the marker board.  

We wrapped by circulating, sharing, debriefing and connecting.  Very cool when we realized that two or three people in the room had similar ideas even though they weren't working together.  Alignment.

Check the homework below . . . 

The coding? All her idea!  Nice.
Early in the process
Early on
the first big idea that popped
fleshing out the thinking
"Bring your gimmick if you challenge mine" might mean "If you question my opinion, have your own" 
Thinking about repetition and how it contributes to meaning
Articulating some big thinking 
Had a few thoughts about those lines . . . um . . . this is good thinking too!
repetition strikes again
Now the big ideas are coming on fast & furious
Checking out what the others wrote
Boom. (or.. Doom?)
This feels important.
Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Blog: What's next?  Where should PACE go from here?  More self directed? More guidance?  Should we tackle essay writing -- it's necessary 2nd semester that we write two essays -- or should we dive into Macbeth & the TV/Movie pitching project which helps meet our reading and vocab standards?  What are your thoughts and more importantly WHY?

Where does PACE go from here?

Complete: Poetry/Music Projects

Complete: Project Reflection Paragraphs
  1. Product (what did you make?)
  2. Process (how did you make it?)
  3. Outcome (how well did you achieve your goal? what would you change? what would you keep the same?)
Make Up Work: Blogs, Graphic Organizers, Thinking.  Due.  ASAP.
Quarter Ends: Next Friday, Jan 24.