Friday, May 6, 2016

Pop Culture: Film Trailers & the Art of Making You Want More

Film Trailers

We'll start with this one.  Because I said so.

Resource 1.  9 Short Storytelling Tips.
Fantastic storytelling tips that can be applied well beyond film trailer designing.

Resource 2. The Golden Trailer Awards.
The Awards for Best Film Trailers.   (There are lots. Lots and lots.)

Resource 3.  Trailer Fatigue.
History and Current State of Affairs of Film Trailers.

You'll divide up into teams of 1, 2 or 3 to tackle this work today.  Pick your crew and get to work.

We'll start with the 9 Short Storytelling Tips.  In the space of 10 minutes, do the math for I will be cruising at breakneck keep-it-tight speed, I will give you both a sketchnote and a brief explanation of each tip.

Then!  In your teams, you will get to work looking for examples of those 9 short storytelling tips in either the Golden Trailer Awards nominees and winners OR Trailer or a movie trailer source of  your liking.  Avoid the general YouTube search.  It can be cumbersome.  There's better curated sources out there.

Also, I'll be circulating, locking in your passion/interest/personal branded blog topic for the rest of the year.


Blog.  Blog Post #3 for Your Branded Blog.
Post a Link to Your Post on the Blog Tracker.
Due. Monday. 5.9.16

Film Trailers.
Find examples of each of the first 9 storytelling tips as they appear in various movie trailers.  Collect your finds and explain your thinking on a Google doc.
Due.  Monday. 5.9.16

So Far This Quarter.

Poster Design.
Design a Poster for Advertising Your Blog or Your Video Game Design.
Due.  Friday. 5.6.16
Submit your poster in your Pop Culture IN folder on Google Drive.

Game Something that Matters.
Submit Your Slide Decks & Other Materials in the Pop Culture IN folder on Google Drive.
Due.  Monday. 5.2.16