Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Humanities: Cardboard Challenging

Three teams hard at work on ping pong, four door cars and giant rock em sockem robots.

Humanities: Preparing for a Roots Quiz & Diving into the Cardboard Challenge

Today starts with preparing for Roots Quiz #1 by using Quizlet, which we believe really helps.

Remember that in addition to Roots Quiz #1, you have a Word Map OR a roots-based word product due on Thursday as well.  (A roots-based product could be a short story, a poem, a song, a video, most anything that uses 10 roots-based words, such as "antidote" or "antecedent" or "bicameral.") These count THE SAME in the grade book.  Both fall under  the vocabulary standard.

Cardboard Challenge

We have a lot of work to do by next Wednesday.

Here's everything that needs to happen for the Cardboard Challenge.

1. PBL/DT Project Proposal.   The form is in your e-mail AND available at this blog post.  You need approval before we will grant access to materials and tools.

2. Cardboard Challenge.  Build. Make. Create.  Bring resources from home.  (Do not bring knives/box cutters.  We will provide box cutters in class.)  Ask yourself this question: How might we construct a cardboard product without glue or tape?
DUE: Oct. 2nd

3. Cardboard Challenge Research IGNITE.  This is a slide show similar to your autobiography.  It requires you to research a topic related to your particular cardboard project and create a 2 minute, 12 slide presentation about that topic.
DUE: Oct 9th


You have at least three blog posts due this week.  One of them must be your 6 slide autobiography.  The other two (or more) may be about anything related to class.  It may be LoNGview work, it may be documenting your cardboard challenge designs, it may be commentary about how class is going, it may be ideas on what you'd like to research.
DUE: Sept 27

Here's a Schedule of Due Dates

DEEP Thinking Graphic Organizer: Due last week

Cardboard Challenge Project Proposal: Due ASAP

Roots Quiz #1 & Word Map/Product #1: Due Thursday, 9/26

Blog Posts (3+ including 6 slide autobiography presentation): Due Friday, 9/27

Cardboard Challenge: Due Wednesday, Oct 2nd

Cardboard Challenge IGNITE Research Presentation: Due Thursday, October 9th

AP Lit 3G: Lot Jotting & Google+ & An Experiment

When you walk in, I will ask you all to take five minutes & write an essay about whether or not I should wear a tie to school.  Have fun with it.  (It's for my daughter. I'll explain.)

Then we will do the Lot Jot question generating activity described here.

After lunch, we are trying an experiment.

There will be three zones.

A book discussion zone.

A synthesis solo work zone.

A synthesis group work zone.

I will work my way through all three, as you will choose the zone that most suits your needs.  You can also move fluidly from zone to zone as your needs dictate.

This is an effort to maximize the class time for you, while still affording a structure in the room.

Write: Synthesis Essay 1st Submission Draft Due Next Class!  Thursday!

Blog: 3+ entries for Friday, 9/27
Assigned Creative Blog Post:  Mrs. Dalloway employs color in meaningful, powerful ways.  Perhaps you have noticed this, perhaps  you have not.  (Pay particular attention to flowers, foods, skies, clothing and faces.) 

Use Colourlovers.com  to create a custom palette of at least three colors relating to meaning in Mrs. Dalloway.  You will need to name the palette and each color within it.  Be certain to choose purposeful names and push your self to go beyond the concrete.  (Concrete:  "blue sky" because the sky was blue.)

Share your palette on your blog w/ explanations of your choices.

Added Challenge: Create a piece of digital art employing the color palette in a way congruent to Virginia Woolf.

Dallowinian Reading Chunks (pg. #s are Mt. Blue copies, Harcourt ed.)
1: a t an O an F (1 - 29)
2: he never saw her again (29 - 64)
3: Dr. Holmes, looking not quite so kind. (64-94)
4. Elizabeth Dalloway mounted the Westminster Omnibus (94 - 139)
5. For there she was (139 - End)
One reading per night.
Blue Day classes finish the book for Tuesday, the 1st.   Gold Day classes  finish for Monday the 30th.

PACE: Taking a Step Toward Independent Learning Today

Today I tried an experiment in terms of helping folks meet the vision of PACE described on your sheets the other day.  I'm very curious to see what people thought.  So

I limited my direct instruction to 30 minutes.   (During that time I shared another student I Am Hero project and ran a summary vs. paraphrasing activity.  Remember, summaries say it in much fewer words. Paraphrase say it in your own words, but about the same amount of content.)  

From there, folks had the rest of class to work at their own PACE as I circulated around and added some more information and helped folks out.  

It was a little confusing because I didn't explain the new graphic organizer for Week #2 before hand.  That's something I wish I had done.   

Here's the work and due dates for I Am Hero.


Student PACE: Whatever reading comes next for your group
Teacher PACE: Finish book by 9/30

Graphic Organizers
I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #1
Due Friday 9/20 -- Will Take Up to Wednesday 9/25 & Not Be Late

I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #2 (In the PACE 2013 OUT folder on Google Drive)
Due Monday 9/30

3+ Blog Posts Due Each Week (A Week is Monday to Friday)
1 Post Is Required (It Will Always Be a Creative Post), Others Are Anything You Want to Post Related to Class
Creative Req. Post: Write your own song or poem that tells JUST the story of your protagonist’s call to adventure and/or crossing of the threshold.  It may take any poetic form you like -- it does not need to be an epic poem -- and there isn’t a particular length requirement so long as it fits a poetic form and tells that part of the story. (Note: This is also part of your graphic organizer Week #2 -- it counts for both! That’s one way to look at using your blog. A place to do your work.)
Due Friday 9/27

I Am Hero Project
The rubric is on the blog as well as here.
You should start your planning ASAP.  There will be a proposal form that we complete next Monday 9/30 in class.  I’ll send it along so you can work ahead if you like.

Due Thursday, October 9