Monday, May 19, 2014

PACE: Essay Workshopping & QUACK quiz Unit 2 Part 2

On Tuesday, we have some major docket items.

One is a QUACK Quiz for Unit 2 Part 2.  That's coming up to close out the day rather than start it.

The other is an intense essay writing workshop.  With the end of the year nearing, I want to make sure folks feel like they can turn those drafts in to me that would have been even more fantastic last week.  I've got some ideas as to how we can make this an active, moving, not just sitting and writing and listening experience on Tuesday.  So let's do that.

Here are some of the ideas that came out of last week's workshop.

The idea here is that you can see how I use a bunch of different organizational methods to pre-write and help Natalie with her essay.  The content isn't what matters most in these images -- what matters most is seeing how I used some webbing and visual mapping, as well as some outlining to help determine a clear thesis statement and the points to be made regarding that thesis statement.

REMEMBER!  A key aspect of the essay assignment is using text evidence -- that is a central part of the writing standard.  

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd: Discuss a conflict that you either witness on a regular basis or experience for yourself on a regular basis.  How would you like to see it resolved?  What do you believe is preventing it from being resolved?


AP Lit: Watchmen DT Installation Experiment Phase Moving to Production Phase

We've spent two days now in the workshop with people messing with ideas, Roman numerals being built, installation locations being determined, groups forming and gestating and gelling ideas.


This is exciting stuff.

There's gonna be a big clock.

Some things we need to keep in mind.

1) We need TEXT for the lobby.  We've determined that this should be a place where we have quotes from literary sources and beyond that relate to the themes of the installation -- Watchmen, any of our year texts, any music, any film, any history -- think like Moore, think like Gibbons, layer them in there.

We need a plan for displaying them.  Fonts to use.  Methods for display.  We have that cut printer which can create some cool stuff.  Maybe we can experiment a little with it on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I sent everyone the software to download if you'd like to get a head start.

One method we plan to use is sidewalk chalk if the weather cooperates.  That should be awesome.

2) We need a plan for the discrete Watchmen connections display outside the principal/tech director office.  Zack got started on this today, highlighting key panels we should incorporate.  We know we want to put masks in that display case.  And . . . ?

3) We need to communicate about what we are all doing.  I'm seeing awesome, awesome things happening.  And we need to make sure we are using the shared docs to convey information.  Also, make sure you know just where your installation locations are and be certain to plan your positive and negative connotations accordingly.   Everything is deliberate.

Here are some pics of the work we've been doing.

Deep diving into Watchmen

Applied mathematical knowledge in a literature course

Shaping one of the installation features

This thing looks really cool -- DaVinci & digital and mirrors and ... woah...

Prepping for B roll footage to be used in the documentary

Roman numerals

3D printing cheaper alternatives to the metal plates

Blog: 3+ POSTS
Req'd: #REMASH reflections; look at your own as well as several others; what trends do you notice in the #remashes?  In the interpretations?  What has this project revealed to you about language?  Poetry? Communication?  These are just prompts to get you started.  Looking for some meaningful critical commentary about the thinking evident in this project as we consider further collaborations down the road.
Document Your Watchmen Work!   Share! Connect!

COMPLETE: Analytical & Composition Process Project
DUE: Long time ago!

COMPLETE: #AyuhAloha REMASH! If you haven't.