Tuesday, October 4, 2016

AP Lit: Solving The Hours & Unpacking Dalloway


Today we will continue designing for the characters of The Hours and run a design sprint featuring 8 Box, storyboarding, and feedback.

What does a design sprint look like?  I didn't invent it.  It's a fantastic technique used by designers of all sorts.  We're adopting our own version but you can see more of it in the book Sprint by Jake Knapp and the Google Ventures crew.

We ran an 8 Box on Monday.  We're going to do another.  (The more you 8 Box, the better you get at it.)  Then we'll storyboard (3 post its that show your idea in action).  We may or may not have time for feedback on our storyboards.  We may do the feedback on 8 Boxes.

From here, you'll actually build your prototype solutions to the challenges and needs facing one of the characters from The Hours.

You'll have about 20 minutes to build.


We use the last third of class to explore sketchnotes and visualizing as a means of notetaking and annotating a text.  We'll look at Clarissa, Rezia and Septimus, as well as discuss the value of meeting other Londoners in Woolf's narrative.


Synthesis Essay #1
Put a Google Doc in your AP LIT IN folder.
DUE. Today.

Critical Creativity Challenge:  Scoring Dalloway.   Create an original score for pages 3 - 29 of Mrs. Dalloway using either live instrumentation, Garage Band, SoundTrap  Wolfram TonesBeat Lab, or another online/digital music generator/creator.

Analytical Post:  Make a case for or against the presence of Foster's vampires in The Hours.  Use text evidence to support your assertions. 
DUE. Friday.  10.7.2016

Mrs. Dalloway.  30-58.
Sketchnote. 3-58.
How might you organize these sketchnotes?  How might  you make visual meaning of this first quarter of the book?  All one?  A series?  Organized by character? Setting?  Idea?

Want to learn more about sketchnotes?  Check out http://sunnibrown.com/doodlerevolution/    or http://sketchnotearmy.com/ or just search for sketchnotes on Pinterest, Instagram, or Google Image search.  

Pop Culture: Business of Music (Some of Our Resources)

Music Streaming
Blog.  Imagine you are an aspiring musician.  What path would you take to making a living with your music?  Which streaming service would you use?  Would you stay independent or sign with a label?  Use information from the above articles and any other research you'd like to conduct to support your decision.  Include text evidence and/or links to video/audio that helped you come up with your decision