Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Humanities: Stations & Speak

We will have six stations through which to work today.  Some will have specific spaces associated with them.  Others may be done anywhere in the room.  Try new perspectives and new positions in the room.  You might be surprised at how a change of scenery can influence your thinking.

1. No Red Ink:  Commonly Mistaken Words Practice 2  (Quiz Thursday)

2. Speak Ranking Periods 1 & 2:  Character SketchNotes  (Great Reading, Show Your Thinking & Creativity work)

3. Roots 6: Quizlet  (Quiz Next Thursday)

4.  Comparison Matrix: Merriweather, McKinley, Mt. Blue (Due tomorrow -- great Reading work)

5.  Blogging:  Standards, Rubric & Quality Check

6.  Mt. Blue Map 2  (great Social Studies and Show Your Thinking work)

7.  Speak Ranking Periods 1 & 2: Foreshadowing.  Answer this Q on your blog.  What could be foreshadowing in Speak?  Identify page numbers and power quotes, then explain your thinking.   (Great Reading, Voice, Details, and Show Your Thinking work)

1+ Posts.
Due. Friday. 12.4.2015
Critical Creativity Challenge:  An Art Gallery for Speak.
Visit MOMA.orgPortland Museum of Art,  MFA.org or another online art gallery from a gallery that exists in the brick and mortar world (a place people could physically visit) and select three or more pieces of art that you would include in a gallery to represent the ideas in Speak.

Speak.  107 to 119.
Due. Tuesday.  12.1.2015

Comparison Matrix.
Due. Wednesday. 12.2.2015

Be Thinking.
HMW we Design a Sanctuary for Others? 
Due. TBA.  Before Holiday Break for Certain.

Capture Our Culture.  Photo Essay.
Past Due.