Monday, May 11, 2015

AP Lit: Watchmen Discovery Phase Continues

Here we go folks . . . 21 days and we'll have a movie.

Today we dove into possibilities for this film and signing up for production teams.

Suit Up Sessions

We agreed on no central protagonist, multiple layers, original song to tie things together but not a music video, use of flashbacks and some sort of event or experience that unites all characters

I was playing around with ideas after school on Monday

Blog.  3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  Empathy Phase.  Talk to potential users of our film.  Rather than ask for what they look for in a film, find out which themes and ideas might best relate to them.  What would they find interesting to explore and compel them to keep watching?   How might we use the big ideas of our work to engage audience  and how might our devices enhance those big ideas?
Due. Friday.  May 15.

Pop Culture: Film Trailers

Today we explore the underappreciated world of film trailers.

We'll explore a couple of articles and examples in the service of playing with film trailer design.

Both articles are on the Flight307 Pop Culture Pinterest board.

A Good Day to Die Hard was not a good movie.  But it makes a darn fine tool for learning how to edit a trailer.

We had talked about making a short film as a class; I would like to throw on the table a proposal that instead we make a film trailer.


Blog. 3+ Posts.
Curate. 2+ Pins.
Req'd Post.  Credit Roll of Your Life.  Imagine your life as a film.  Create the credit roll.  (It needn't be an actual scrolling piece of film -- though that would kinda neat as well.) Who would get credit? What sorts of jobs and roles would they get credit for?  What order would you put it in?

We'll do a little brainstorming in class to get these ideas cooking.
Due.  Friday, May 15th.

Complete. Music Culture.
Due. Wednesday, May 13th.