Monday, September 29, 2014

Pop Culture: Music & Politics & Blogging

We started today by looking at the Blog Post Tracker in your Google Drive.  It can be found the in Pop Culture 2014 OUT folder.

This was also a reminder to blog and to be consistent in your blogging.  If you get behind, it gets difficult to catch up.  There has been time in almost every class to blog IF you take advantage of it.

What do I mean by "Connections?" That's reading something online related to pop culture and/or reading someone else's blog post and commenting about it on your blog.

From there we watched this clip from Portlandia featuring Carrie Brownstein.

She's a more important figure to modern music than a lot of folks realize because of her band Sleater-Kinney which was hugely influential in establishing the indie rock scene of the mid-90s.  We watched this interview where she discusses the influence of gender on music listening.  (Spoiler: She doesn't think it matters too much.)

While Sleater-Kinney weren't a political band in terms of singing about government and laws and such, they were political in that they pushed for DIY over corporate control, were feminists in a way that said "feminism isn't about man-hating; it's about being hardcore rad women -- period."  Listen to their stuff.  Highly recommended.


This led us to day one of our music as politics exploration.

We looked at this Music Matters graphic organizer which is also in your Google Drive under Pop Culture 2014 OUT.

We chose Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" as the song to use as a model for the class.  This led us to The Roots & John Legend as well as Pharrell and Robin Thicke and what is currently going on in Ferguson, Mo.

This work is due at the end of class on Wednesday.  You may work with by yourself, with a partner, or with two partners to complete that work.

You have your first of two major projects for this quarter due this week.  (The second is a restaurant project to be introduced next week.)  The rubric for the Side A/Side B Soundtrack is available right here and embedded here as well.

Finally, you have a req'd blog post due this week.  It is described in the Pop Culture 2014 Blogs link to the right and also here below.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:
Week of 10.3
To what extent should music be edited/censored before being broadcast/played in public i.e. on radio, television, sporting events, school?Provide two points of view (at least one paragraph for each):1. Your own.2. That of someone who thinks the opposite of your opinion.  Try to see it from their point of view and present an honest version of what that individual would say.
Due: Friday, Oct 3

Complete: A-Side/B-Side Soundtrack Project
Rubric: Here.
Create: A-Side/B-Side Soundtrack
A-Side Soundtrack of Your Life (4+ Songs)
B-Side Soundtrack for Others (4+ Songs)

A-Side Soundtrack of Your Life

  • Music tied to experiences
    • Music that tells the story of who you are and where you have been
    • Music that could take the place of your presence
    B-Side Soundtrack for Others
    • Who is your audience? Be specific.  Crystal clear.
    • Interview your audience.  Empathize.
    • Music that serves your audience's needs

    • One-paragraph rationale for each of your songs.
    • Cover art for each side; be intentional

    Due: Friday, Oct 3

    In-Class Work for Wednesday: Music Matters: Music and Politics

    AP Lit 3B: Frankenstein & Synthesis

    Today we'll focus our energies on close readings of Frankenstein and then an exploration of Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Ozymandias."

    We'll use GoSoapbox as a back channel for our discussion.  Check your email for the access code.

    We'll follow this with another essay workshop and time to connect to one another on the blogs, show you how to turn in your blog posts on our new tracking tool.

    When working on  your synthesis essays, keep these structural and contextual ideas in mind.

    Also Mr. Ryder's feedback shorthand...


    Blog: 3+ Posts
    Req'd Creative Post:  Casting Call.  Cast a high quality new film version of Frankenstein.  Justify your choices.

    Compose: Synthesis #1

    Submit: First Submission Draft
    Due: Wednesday, Oct 1
    Note: Submit as Google Doc; Place in AP Lit IN folder

    Humanities: LNG, Blogging & Play


    We'll start his morning going with our second L-N-G current events reading from .

    From there, we'll talk about play sense for a few minutes. 


    Also, you need to complete the 2nd -- and final -- Notice/Wish/Wonder over Whole New Mind -- this one about design/play/meaning.  This is due on Thursday.

    You'll be working with a group of likeminded folks to determine a way to turn work into play in a class where you may struggle a bit.

    That work is the subject of your creative blog post for this week.

    Week of 10/3
    Creative Blog Post:  Invent a game to help you learn in a class where you usually struggle.  It may be the same game you create with your class partners or it may be another.  Explain how the game works and why you think it will help you in that class.

    Update: Here's some of what people came up with in a hurry.  There will be more time.

    We will be showing you how to post links to our new blog tracking document, so we can best assess your blogs quickly and efficiently.

    And finally, we'll be getting everyone signed up on Remind today who isn't. Instructions are in the Humanities 2014 OUT folder on Google Drive.



    Blog: 3+ Posts
    Req'd Post:
    Creative Blog Post:  Invent a game to help you learn in a class where you usually struggle.  It may be the same game you create with your class partners or it may be another.  Explain how the game works and why you think it will help you in that class.
    Due: Friday, Oct 3

    Complete: Whole New Mind: I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder #2
    Focus on Portfolio Sections:  Design/Play/Meaning
    Due: Thursday, Oct 2

    Roots: Roots List #1 (See right hand side bar for lists and Quizlet links)
    Quiz: Thursday, Oct 2nd
    Roots-Word Product: Story/poem/song/film/letter/essay/blog post/etc that uses at least 5 root-based words
    Due: Thursday, Oct 2nd

    Compile & Design: Whole New Mind Portfolio
    Due: Thursday, Oct 9

    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Humanities: Vocab & Design & Blogging

    Today, we start with a roots activity from Mr. Mason.


    Whole New Mind.
    This will lead into our first exploration of Design sense from Whole New Mind.

    In groups of one, two or three, we will create movie posters and tag lines for root-based words and vocab.  This serves a few different purposes.

    One.  You will better learn your vocab.
    Two. You will practice design.
    Three.  You will have an item to add to your portfolio if you finish it.
    Four.  You will have great material for a blog post.

    You will be using as a source of inspiration.

    This video helps explain the rule of thirds if I'm not around.

    Rule of thirds from Jayne Whitelock on Vimeo.

    And Whole New Mind discusses CRAP-ify your design


    found here:

    Consider each of these elements in your design.

    So what do you need to do?
    Imagine you want everyone to use your root or root-based word or imagine you are making a movie about your root or root-based word.
    1. Choose your root or root-based word.
    2. Create a tag line i.e.  "This Time It's Personal" or "Who Knows What Happens When the Sun Goes Out?" Look at movie posters.  There are tag lines everywhere.  Bonus challenge: Use four root-based words in your movie poster and you have your Roots 1 Product for next Thursday DONE.
    3.  Use the elements of good design and CRAP-ify to design a movie poster.

    You'll have 20 minutes or so in class to work on this today and some more time tomorrow.  We'd like to share and discuss these on Monday.


    We want to give you time to post to your blog today and to read others' blog posts, make connections.


    Blog: 3+ Posts
    Req'd Creative Post: Creative Blog Post: Post a Six-Word Memoir & a Six-Image Memoir on your blog.  Consider how you present those images, the arrangement, the format, etc.
    Due: Friday, 9/26

    Complete: I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder chart.  Over Story, Empathy, Symphony.
    Due: Thursday, Sept 25 (TODAY!  Put in your Humanities IN folder on Google Drive.)

    Study:  Roots Quiz 1
    Complete: Roots 1 Product (Use 5+ roots-based words in context.)
    Due: Thursday, Oct 2

    Start Collecting Evidence and Planning: Whole New Mind Portfolio
    Due: Thursday, Oct 9

    Brit Lit CPI: Guidance Presentation & Frankenstein Begins

    We started today with a guidance presentation.

    After that, we took a look at the 20% Time Project Proposal form.  This must be completed in detail and with proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and such as it is being treated as professional document.

    I've embedded it there.  You do not need to worry about the taxonomy spaces at this point in the game.


    We started the 1931 Frankenstein film today.  Our initial activities will be around the I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder Checking for Understanding form.  This, as well as a F clip can be found under "shared with me."


    Be Thinking: How will you narrow and define your 20% time project.

    Friday:  We set up blogs, folks finish their I Notice/I  Wish/I Wonder.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    Humanities: L-N-G View Readings, Symphony & Whole New Mind Portfolio Introduced

    We opened today with a round of an improv game called "Machine."  It was great fun.


    From there, Mr. Brackett explained L-N-G readings which you can expect at least two times a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and sometimes three times a week.  You will be using sources such as to identify articles to read about issues that matter to you or hold some interest for you.  One of the cool features of NewsELA is  that you can adjust the reading level of the article to suit your needs while still reading the same article as everyone else.

    Then you will fill out this form to record your understandings from the L-N-G article you read.

    You may want to post screenshots or copy and paste your text of your L-N-G responses into your blog.  It would make for some very interesting reading and possible connections.


    We followed this work with an explanation of the Whole New Mind portfolio project due on October 9th.  The rubric is available below.

    On Thursday, we continue working with our vocabulary and dig into Design sense.  We'll be making some cool stuff related to poster design and the vocabulary.


    Blog: 3+ Posts
    Req'd Creative Post: Creative Blog Post: Post a Six-Word Memoir & a Six-Image Memoir on your blog.  Consider how you present those images, the arrangement, the format, etc.
    Due: Friday, 9/26

    Complete: I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder chart.  Over Story, Empathy, Symphony.
    Due: Thursday, Sept 25

    Study:  Roots Quiz 1
    Complete: Roots 1 Product
    Due: Thursday, Oct 2

    Start Planning: Whole New Mind Portfolio
    Due: Thursday, Oct 9

    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Pop Culture: Getting Blogging Going

    With many of our seniors at a guidance presentation, we are going to get going on blogs because this can be done even if you aren't in class.

    Here's the blogging rubric for this year.


    Blog: 3+ Posts
    Req'd Blog Post:
    a) Read this article
    b) Write your own "How to Make __________ " Choose a music app, music related device OR musical artist that you used to like, but feel like has been in need of some improvements for a while.  Identify two to three (or more) key areas of improvement and describe not only what needs to change but how you'd change it.

    Try to use images to illustrate  your point.  Can't find a pic online?  Take your own.
    Due: Friday 9/26

    Create: A-Side/B-Side Soundtrack
    A-Side Soundtrack of Your Life (4+ Songs)
    B-Side Soundtrack for Others (4+ Songs)

    A-Side Soundtrack of Your Life

    • Music tied to experiences
    • Music that tells the story of who you are and where you have been
    • Music that could take the place of your presence

    B-Side Soundtrack for Others

    • Who is your audience? Be specific.  Crystal clear.
    • Interview your audience.  Empathize.
    • Music that serves your audience's needs


    • One-paragraph rationale for each of your songs.
    • Cover art for each side; be intentional

    DUE: Friday, 10/3

    Humanities: Vocab Begins and Symphony

    Today we'll start our first experiences with vocab by looking at Roots 1.  Most of our vocab this year will be from our Greek and Latin roots work.  You can see all of our lists for the year here.  There's also a link in the sidebar.

    We will be working on vocab on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   Our first quiz will be next Thursday.  We will show you in class how the quiz format works.  It is also important to know that each quiz builds on the next.  Thus, Roots Quiz 2 is over roots list 1 and 2.

    In addition to the quiz, you must create a vocab-based product for your list.  Products have to use root-based words effectively and in context.

    A root-based word is any word that uses your root.
    For example, anti- is a root that means "against."
    The word antidote is a word that uses anti-.

    For your product, you might create a song, poem, story, speech, movie, video game, comic book, art, who-knows-what?  It needs to use 5 roots-based words effectively from the current list.  These products are always due the same day as the quiz.


    After intro to the vocab you'll be completing a I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder chart over the empathy, story and symphony sections of Whole New Mind.  The chart is in the Humanities OUT folder.


    You'll have time to blog today.  During this time, you may want to complete your six-word memoir  or you might want to look at someone else's blog and make a connect.


    Five Line Drawings.

    Want to start building your skills in Whole New Mind?  Check out this slideshare!  All sorts of activities you can do -- most of the chunks of the portfolio.  


    Complete: I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder chart.
    Due: Thursday, Sept 25

    Study:  Roots Quiz 1
    Complete: Roots 1 Product
    Due: Thursday, Oct 2

    Start Planning: Whole New Mind Portfolio
    Due: Thursday, Oct 9

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    AP Lit 4G: Power Guides & Blogging

    Today was supposed to include the following:

    • Power Guide Creating: Effective Text Support
    • Blogging Rubric Overview & Blogging in Class
    • Writing Workshop: Synthesis Essay Intro & 1st Body Paragraph
    • Frankenstein Close Reading & Discussion

    That was the plan.

    We did the first two.

    And the rest we will do on Friday.


    Blog: 3+ Posts
    Req'd Creative Posts: Use your media tool of choice to create a three song (at least) play list for Robert Walton on his voyage.  Justify your choices.

    Use to create a customized color palette for Frankenstein.  Use the names of the colors to create meaning.  Justify your choices.
    Due: Friday, Sept 26

    Read & Annotate: Frankenstein (Complete Chap 12.)
    Due: Friday, Sept 26
    Hint: Annotations can make great blogging

    Write: Complete working draft of Synthesis Essay 1
    Due: Friday, Sept 26 for workshopping

    Brit Lit CPI: Getting Started with 20% Time

    We started our 20% Time today.

    And because we won't have a typical class on Wednesday because of late start and guidance visits, we used all of today as 20% Time.

    Folks who didn't have ideas for where to go, met with me.

    Folks who have ideas for where to go were asked to fill out one of two graphic organizers to help you organize your thinking.  Both can be found in the Brit Lit CPI Google Drive folder in the "Shared With Me" section of your Google Drive.

    On Friday, folks will have more 20% Time, we will set up blogs and systems for tracking our 20% Time progress.  We will also start doing the work necessary to make your 20% Time projects a success by watching the original Frankenstein and looking at how the ideas in that film can inspire our work.


    20% Time Project: Make progress.  Keep thinking.

    Humanities: Empathy, Story & Blogging

    We started today by reviewing the "Empathy, Sympathy or Something Else" article and thinking that folks were asked to complete for today.  We spent a lot of time on empathy and how it is unique from sympathy.

    That led into looking at our blogging rubric

    We talked at length about these expectations.  A lot of length.  We didn't get a chance to blog today.

    We'll fix that on Tuesday.


    Blog: 3+ Posts
    Req'd Creative Post: Creative Blog Post: Post a Six-Word Memoir & a Six-Image Memoir on your blog.  Consider how you present those images, the arrangement, the format, etc.
    Due: Friday, 9/26

    Read: Symphony Portfolio in Whole New Mind
    Prepare: I Notice, I Wish, I Wonder thinking

    Start Planning: Whole New Mind Portfolio Project
    Choose:  Career or Long/Medium/Short Term Goal to focus upon

    Friday, September 19, 2014

    Brit Lit CPI: Reinventing Brit Lit

    Today we explored a few ways we could transform Brit Lit CPI into the sort of course we look forward to taking.

    Using Edutopia and MindShift, we investigated several progressive learning processes that put a new spin on what school can look like.

    We used this chart to do it.

    We investigated gamification, 20% time, genius hour, project based learning, design thinking and maker education.

    We decided that adopting 20% Time would give us the best opportunity to explore passion projects while still having a structured chunk of time for Mr. Ryder to teach the skills and understandings necessary to create effective passion projects.

    Next class, we will focus on determining our passion projects for 20% time.  There will be ways to go about doing this determinations.  Folks should be committed to a project by Sept 26th.  

    Humanities: Whole New Mind & Empathy

    Today we dug into the empathy sense from Dan Pink's Whole New Mind. Pink believes that better understanding others, can better help us solve problems and meet client/customer/employer needs.

    We started with a quick improv pattern game to help us keep names straight, but more importantly, to find out how one another are feeling about the start of the school year so far.

    We then set up our Google Drive inboxes for Humanities.

    From there, we watched this video about a hair stylist in Manhattan, Mark Bustos, who provides homeless folks with haircuts on Sundays.

    That led us to complete a I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder activity to help us better share our thinking about this video.

    We noticed that a lot of folks wish more people demonstrated the brand of empathy and took the types of actions Bustos takes each week.  

    Thursday night, folks were asked to look through the Empathy Portfolio section of Whole New Mind.  We'll be completing a Three 4 Thinking or I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder experience about that section on Friday morning.


    Explore, Read, Skim:  Empathy Portfolio Section in Whole New Mind.
    Due: Friday, Sept 19

    Past Due Work: Three 4 Thinking: Whole New Mind Intro; Text Features Analysis Maatrix, Signature sheets, Resumes Fro 10 Years in the Future, Design Kits, Remind sign ups
    Due: ASAP

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Humanities: Introduction to Whole New Mind

    This week we start our unit on left and right brain thinking and preparing ourselves to be successful in a changing economy and evolving job market.

    This sounds fancy.  Let's try it again.

    We are going to prepare you to do the sorts of thinking and showcase the sorts of skills that will give you the best chance of getting a meaningful, successful job in the future.

    You've created resumes for yourself 10 years into the future.  This is good and important because thinking forward is what you are going to need to do A LOT during this unit.

    If you haven't gotten those resumes in . . . do so.

    Today we started our work with text feature analysis.

    This is to help with understanding how a non-fiction text is organized and designed, so we can better find the information we want and understand what's happening in the text.

    We started looking at Dan Pink's Whole New Mind and our text feature analysis matrix.

    Here's a slideshare that can also help with this.

    We also took a left and right brain quiz to get a sense of who are right brain dominant thinkers in the room, who are left brain dominant thinkers and who is experiencing a sense of being a whole brain thinker.

    Wednesday, we continue this intro by digging into the text and watching this video about brain dominance.

    After the video, we will read paragraphs from Whole New Mind and complete the Three 4 Thinking graphic organizer, a tool designed to better help us understand texts and keep track of our ideas.

    Heads up Thursday.  Laptops.  Setting up inboxes.  Setting up blogs.  Setting up Remind.  Practicing Empathy.  Talking  First Big Project.


    Complete: WNM Three 4 Thinking Graphic Organizer 1
    Due: Thursday, Sept 18

    Start Thinking: What Career Would I Like to Focus My Energies Toward
    Due: Monday, Sept 22 - Commit

    Pop Culture 4B: Designing a Band

    Today in Pop Culture we begin our two-week exploration of music.  

    This is how we will tackle each of our genres early in the semester.  One-to-two week explorations of particular aspects of pop culture as we build toward determining your final project and the design process of that production.

    We'll open with setting up our blogs.

    We start today with this "How Might We . . . ?"

    How might we create an intentional band out of random elements?  

    This will be run similar to a DEEPdt  flash lab.


    Make a list of bands and artists that you believe have really great names. Even if you don't love the music or consider them a favorite, you hear the name and think, "that's a great name."  Throw in good names of movies, good names of books, TV series, while you are at it.  

    Put three of your favorite names -- music or not -- and put each on a sticky note and up the marker board.

    I notice.  I wish.  I wonder.  We'll look at those band names up on the board and discuss using only those stems to start our thinking.


    3x3 Interviews.  Three questions.  Three subjects.

    1. What sorts of fonts appeal to you?  Handwriting? Block? Serif? San Serif?
    Serif vs Sans: The Final Battle
    by mostash.

    2. What colors appeal to you?
    The Psychology of Color
    by Dehahs.

    3. Do you prefer realistic or abstract images?

    Collect your responses and include them on your blog post when you discuss the album art you create.  Use what you know appeals to others visually to inform your choices.


    Create-A-Band Process 

    I'd Give Credit to the Creator of this Process  But It's From a While Back & I Can't Recall the Link! #arghface.
    1. Go to the Random Article link on the Wikipedia front page. (You can find it in the top left navigation menu.) The title of the random article is your new band/artist's name.

    2. Go to the Random Quote link on the Quotations Page front page. (You can find it in the left side navigation menu.) You will get a list of random quotes. Pull either a full or partial quote from that page. That is the album title for your band's latest release. (You might also find some song titles this way as well.)

    3. Go to Flickr and click on the 'Interesting Uploads from the Last 7 Days' link. (You can find it by scrolling down and looking beside the 'Take the Tour' link.)

    4. Pull that information together and then use an app like Pages, Google Draw or Google Docs, a photo editor like iPhoto or Gimp, or any other application that lets you manipulate words and images, and create your album cover.  Export your finished work as a .JPG and post it or  PDF and screenshot it and post it on your blog.


    5.  On your blog, create a context for your band.  Who are the members?  How did they form and when?  What genre(s) do they play?  What was the gig that led to them making this album?  Where do they play? In other words, what is the story behind the band?  
    Here's the big huge giant challenge of this creative endeavor: take those random elements from above and make them all seem intentional.  How might you create sense out of what might be nonsense by applying the filter of music to it?  What does this say about the power of music?
    6. In a separate blog post, choose an artist or band you enjoy.  Select an album by that performer. Explore the relationship between the artist's name, the album's name, and the cover art for that album.  To what extent do they align?  Where do you see a clear relationship between the visuals and the music?  Where do you see it not working out?  What about the band's logo or the font used on the album cover?
    One to two descriptive paragraphs with visuals to illustrate.
    Extra helpful?  Embed some Vimeo links or Spotify links or other ways of proving your point through the music.
    You might get some inspiration for your album covers here

    10 Iconic Album Covers (Yahoo) Here

    99 Well Designed Album Covers (Inspiredology) Here

    21 Great Albums with Not So Great Art (AV Club) Here

    Lego'd Album Covers Here


    Blog: 2 Posts - One of Create-a-Band, One of Analysis of a Band & Album & Title
    Due: Friday, Sept 19
    Send:  Link to your blog via e-mail

    Complete: Signature Sheets
     Due: ASAP

    Gather: Design Kits
    Due: ASAP

    Sign Up:  Remind
    Due: ASAP

    AP Lit 4G: Synthesis Thinking Introduced

    Today we start  looking at synthesis thinking and what that means in AP Lit this year.

    We will use a comparison matrix to look at three samples: two former student papers and the first chapter of Foster's How to Read Lit Like a Professor.  

    We will see what this reveals to us about the nature of synthesis thinking.

    And then we will talk  briefly about Frankenstein, our first novel of the year.

    Due: Annotations on How to Read Lit Chap 1
    Turn In?: Yes.

    Read & Annotate: Frankenstein (introduction and the letters)
    Due: Thursday, 9/18

    Pre-Write & Compose: Intro & thesis statement for 1st Synthesis
    Due: Thursday, 9/18 for workshopping

    Gather: Design Kits (Optional yet Encouraged)
    Due: ASAP (See Mr. Ryder if a struggle)

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Pop Culture: The Landscape

    Today we used GoSoapbox to give us a sense of the pop culture interests, passions, and curiosities in our class.

    We also learned something about what we have for interests and passions deep enough to share.

    Full Disclosure Moment: I really wish I had planned today's lesson to be more physically active and engaging.  The goal was to learn more about one another, to build empathy, and instead it was very silo-ed -- each person doing his or her own thing with interaction happening only with elbow partners.  I found myself frustrated but it was really my own doing.  We are going to move forward on Wednesday with our music unit, but I will be adding activities over the next week or so to help us better get connected in the room and achieve today's goals.


    None.  It arrives.  Wednesday.

    Get your musical brain action ready.

    And get ready to start blogging.

    AP Lit 3B: Intro to Synthesis Thinking

    Today we started looking at synthesis thinking and what that means in AP Lit this year.

    We used a comparison matrix to look at three samples: two former student papers and the first chapter of Foster's How to Read Lit Like a Professor.  

    The intention was to reveal, through comparison, the qualities of a synthesis essay.  And I think we were largely successful in so doing -- dealing with bigger ideas and truths that can be proven through evidence, pulling in ideas from disparate sources and experiences, and moving from analysis of taking apart into synthesis of putting ideas together.

    And voice.  Personality.  A balance of the colloquial and conversational with the learned academic.  These are the qualities of a synthesis essay.

    And then we talked briefly about Frankenstein, our first novel of the year.

    Due: Annotations on How to Read Lit Chap 1
    Turn In?: Yes.
    Due: Annotations and 3x3 of "Miss Rosie"
    Turn In?: No. Hold on.

    Read & Annotate: Frankenstein (introduction and the letters)
    Due: Wednesday, 9/17

    Pre-Write & Compose: Intro & thesis statement for 1st Synthesis
    Due: Wednesday, 9/17 for workshopping

    Gather: Design Kits (Optional yet Encouraged)
    Due: ASAP (See Mr. Ryder if a struggle)

    Humanities: Resumes & What's Next

    Humanities: Our Resumes 10 Years From Now

    Today Mr. Ryder was out for class, so it was all up to the Mr. Brackett.

    Some folks had completed their assignment, while others . . . ehhh . . . not so much . . . 

    Mr. Brackett discussed the importance of homework, the value of a high school diploma and the exponential value of a college degree in earning power.

    It was pretty cool.  Mr Ryder missed it.

    Tuesday we start in on Dan Pink's Whole New Mind.


    Gather:  Design Kits
    Due: ASAP; if a challenge for you, talk to Mr. Ryder privately -- he can probably help) 

    Sign Up: For REMIND
    Due: ASAP.  This will be easier when laptops roll but still . . .  please make an effort if you want this service to help you out.  Please encourage your folks to do so as well.

    Complete: Your Resume: 10 Years from Now (If Not Finished)
    Get Inspired:  By checking out the Flight 307 Resume Pinboard on Pinterest
    Follow Flight307's board Resumes for Humanities on Pinterest.