Monday, September 15, 2014

Pop Culture: The Landscape

Today we used GoSoapbox to give us a sense of the pop culture interests, passions, and curiosities in our class.

We also learned something about what we have for interests and passions deep enough to share.

Full Disclosure Moment: I really wish I had planned today's lesson to be more physically active and engaging.  The goal was to learn more about one another, to build empathy, and instead it was very silo-ed -- each person doing his or her own thing with interaction happening only with elbow partners.  I found myself frustrated but it was really my own doing.  We are going to move forward on Wednesday with our music unit, but I will be adding activities over the next week or so to help us better get connected in the room and achieve today's goals.


None.  It arrives.  Wednesday.

Get your musical brain action ready.

And get ready to start blogging.

AP Lit 3B: Intro to Synthesis Thinking

Today we started looking at synthesis thinking and what that means in AP Lit this year.

We used a comparison matrix to look at three samples: two former student papers and the first chapter of Foster's How to Read Lit Like a Professor.  

The intention was to reveal, through comparison, the qualities of a synthesis essay.  And I think we were largely successful in so doing -- dealing with bigger ideas and truths that can be proven through evidence, pulling in ideas from disparate sources and experiences, and moving from analysis of taking apart into synthesis of putting ideas together.

And voice.  Personality.  A balance of the colloquial and conversational with the learned academic.  These are the qualities of a synthesis essay.

And then we talked briefly about Frankenstein, our first novel of the year.

Due: Annotations on How to Read Lit Chap 1
Turn In?: Yes.
Due: Annotations and 3x3 of "Miss Rosie"
Turn In?: No. Hold on.

Read & Annotate: Frankenstein (introduction and the letters)
Due: Wednesday, 9/17

Pre-Write & Compose: Intro & thesis statement for 1st Synthesis
Due: Wednesday, 9/17 for workshopping

Gather: Design Kits (Optional yet Encouraged)
Due: ASAP (See Mr. Ryder if a struggle)

Humanities: Resumes & What's Next

Humanities: Our Resumes 10 Years From Now

Today Mr. Ryder was out for class, so it was all up to the Mr. Brackett.

Some folks had completed their assignment, while others . . . ehhh . . . not so much . . . 

Mr. Brackett discussed the importance of homework, the value of a high school diploma and the exponential value of a college degree in earning power.

It was pretty cool.  Mr Ryder missed it.

Tuesday we start in on Dan Pink's Whole New Mind.


Gather:  Design Kits
Due: ASAP; if a challenge for you, talk to Mr. Ryder privately -- he can probably help) 

Sign Up: For REMIND
Due: ASAP.  This will be easier when laptops roll but still . . .  please make an effort if you want this service to help you out.  Please encourage your folks to do so as well.

Complete: Your Resume: 10 Years from Now (If Not Finished)
Get Inspired:  By checking out the Flight 307 Resume Pinboard on Pinterest
Follow Flight307's board Resumes for Humanities on Pinterest.