Monday, March 28, 2016

AP Lit Blue: Test Prep, Little Bits, Heart of Darkness & Roman Fever

Today we'll start with an on-demand test prep (Wordsworth vs Frost) and then jump into a making activity involving the Little Bits.

Tonight, start Heart of Darkness, reading pages 65-78.

Also, read Edith Wharton's "Roman Fever."  

Blog.  (4th Quarter.)  Map the Lit.
Take a Look at the Work of designer/illustrator/cartographer Andrew Degraff.
Then choose any of our works we've read this year as a class and create a map that illustrates the various passages and pathways of that text.  They may be the literal journeys of characters, but they may be internal as well.  There is opportunity for metaphor, symbolism, allegory and the like. 
Due. Monday. April 4.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

AP Lit: Mutability & Blackout Poetry

Blog Prompt.  

After reading and analyzing Shelley's "Mutability" ["We are as Clouds"] and Wordsworth's "Mutability"  dig into one of the library discards or a text of your own and create your own "Mutability" in the shape of a blackout poem.

BEFORE you go too far, be certain to take a look at the text and context of your source material for your blackout poem.

Your intentions are two-fold:

1) Create a "Mutability" of your own that shares a united theme with the other two, as well as Frankenstein.

2) Explain your poem as well as how it transforms the original text into something new

DUE.  Next class.

Reminders.  Q3 Indie Book Projects. (Were Due at Top of the Quarter)
"To Be or Not to Be" Products and Story Bibles and 1-Page Rationales.
Synthesis Essays.
Blog Evidence 1 & 2.
All Due/Past Due.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pop Culture: Rough Plan for Tuesday: Music Streaming

Photo taken on March 22, 2016 at 08:39AM

Music Streaming
Blog.  Imagine you are an aspiring musician.  What path would you take to making a living with your music?  Which streaming service would you use?  Would you stay independent or sign with a label?  Use information from the above articles and any other research you'd like to conduct to support your decision.  Include text evidence and/or links to video/audio that helped you come up with your decision.
Due.  Thursday.  March 24.

Next to last assignment for the quarter . . . last assignment lands Thursday.

Monday, March 21, 2016

AP Lit: Design a Word Blog Post

Design a Word:  After working with Shelley's Frankenstein, Keat's "Ode to a Grecian Urn" and Byron's "Prometheus," take a look at this link to UnderConsideration's Word It project.

Look across those three works and identify a word that surfaces, emerges, captures them all and then . . .

Design a Word.

You may want to incorporate the word into your design, but you may not.  It is completely up to you.
Include a rationale explaining your choices.

Due.  Next class.


Synthesis #3.  Due Next Class.
Design a Word.  Due Next Class.

Eng 9: Sanctuary for Others & Speak

Sanctuary for Others Design Challenge
Single Point Rubric
HMW design a sanctuary for  . . .
Another Person in Class (That You Don’t Know Very Well)
or Another Character from Speak Besides Melinda
Evidence of Exceeding the Standard (clever, insightful, unique, powerful, creative, meaningful, professional)
What Meeting the Standard Looks Like
Evidence of Needs for Improvement (gaps, missing pieces or evidence, incomplete thoughts)
Prototype Quality (MEDIA)

I like how your prototype looks like a finished product that you can present to the class; I like how there are no obvious signs that you didn’t get it finished -- even though there may be ways in which you might improve it; I like that it shows evidence you understand how to use the media you chose to solve the problem in an effective way

Research and Connections (RESEARCH/READING)

I like how your prototype clearly shows numerous accurate connections to your research (text, video, audio); I like how your explanations include page numbers/time stamps and quoted text as evidence to show that you really know what you are talking about; I like how you wrote or recorded your explanations;


I like how your presentation was clear and easily understood; even if you weren’t working from a script, you seemed very well prepared and comfortable sharing the information about your sanctuary;  you were able to field and answer questions asked about your sanctuary design


I like how any writing included is properly spelled and features proper use of any words on Commonly Mistaken Words 1


I like how you clearly show an understanding of your user’s needs and how to meet them; I like how you connect your ideas in your sanctuary to the needs of your user you were able to identify from your research


I like how you turned it in within 24 hours of the agreed upon due date

Design Challenge Checklist (And the DEEP Design Thinking Phases connected)
  1. Define Sanctuary and Identify Examples (DISCOVERY Phase)
    1. What are different forms sanctuary can take?
    2. How might it look?
  2. User and User Needs Identified (EMPATHY Phase)
    1. Necessary research (interviews, articles, novel) conducted
    2. Empathy maps completed
  3. Experiment with Sanctuary Features (EXPERIMENT Phase)
    1. Rapid fire prototyping
    2. Explore possibilities
    3. Create a working prototype linked to user needs
      1. 3-D or 2-D, using any materials/tools that serve your purpose
      2. Suggested: 2-D art, SketchUp, Minecraft, LEGO, cardboard, wood, photography
  4. Produce and Present Your Prototype (PRODUCE Phase)
    1. Deliver a presentation (2 to 3 min)
    2. Subject your prototype to 4 Corners feedback
    3. Revise and reiterate your prototype

5. Written Reflection (WRITING - new rubric and criteria to come after presentations)

NOTE FOR BLOGGING!  Any and all of the work above can be posted on your blog to demonstrate your understanding of the various standards.

Blog. Sanctuary Progress 1. Document your progress on the Sanctuary for Others design challenge. These may be drawings and sketches, interviews and notes, or experiments and rapid fire prototypes.
Due. Wednesday, March 23.

Design. Sanctuary for Others.
Due. Tuesday, March 29.

Read. Speak.
140 - 164.
Due. Next Class.

Blogging Standards Evidence 1 & 2.
Due. ASAP.
Choose from your blogging you've done this quarter which evidence you want to count toward your standards. Revise them into the best possible evidence.

Study.  Roots 6-10.  
Quiz. Friday. March 25.

Study. No Red Ink.  Independent/Dependent Clauses.
Quiz. Tuesday. March 29.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

AP Lit: To Be or Not to Be Design Challenge

I've copy and pasted the text from the design challenge brief that was shared with you in your Google Drive. I thought it would be helpful for you to have here as you revise and explore new iterations. Any components of the project or documentation of your process could also serve as excellent content for your blog and standards evidence there.

To Be or Not to Be: Design Challenge

Design Challenge.  How might we create dramatic presentations of “To Be or Not to Be” to demonstrate our analysis and understanding of the play as a whole?

Soliloquy Criteria.

  • Must include original Shakespearean language, though it may be filtered through any sort of creative interpretation you so choose

  • Must take the form of a product that can be watched and experienced, including video, animation, animatic (storyboard w voice over), radio drama/podcast, live performance

  • Must be accompanied by a 1-page well-composed rationale that explains the intentions behind the production

  • Must feel like an excerpt from a larger production and be aligned to those grander intentions

To achieve that final criterion, you must also create the following “story bible”

Story Bible Criteria.

  • One paragraph descriptions for each of the central six characters: Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius, Polonious, Gertrude, Laertes

  • Detailed description of the setting in which the narrative takes place

  • One paragraph summaries of each Act in your production, with particular attention to the relationship these events have to your staging of Hamlet’s soliloquy; your goal here is alignment

You may include any visuals here that you believe will help convey your concept.

Design Process Criteria.

Document each of the first three stages of the design process with meaningful evidence.  
Discovery.  (Research & Exploration)
Empathy.  (Audience and User Needs; Character Empathy)
Experiment. (Doodles and Storyboards, Maps and Maybes)

Eng 9: Freaks and Geeks and Speak with Ms Pulito

Hi folks,

These are the graphic organizers and blog prompts from when I was away and Ms. Pulito was running the show.

Empathy Map on “Freaks and Geeks” Character

Your task is to create an empathy map based on a character from “Freaks and Geeks” that we did not examine together during class. Use the things they say and do in Episode 1 to help you determine what they may be thinking or feeling. Make sure to include specific details and interpretations. Then, write a 2-3 paragraph blog post in which you send this character to Mt. Blue High School for a day. What happens? Where do they go? Who do they talk to? How do they get along with the students and teachers? Use your empathy map to help you decide!

Character’s Name: _____________________________________





Feature Chart: Comparing Mt. Blue High School, Merryweather High School (from Speak), and McKinley High School (from “Freaks and Geeks”)

Give each school a “rating” of 1-5 for each criteria, with a score of 1 meaning “nonexistent” and a score of 5 meaning “very prominent.” Then, provide a 1-2 sentence justification for your rating. For the last category, come up with a criteria that you feel is somehow expressed in each of the three schools (examples might include skipping classes, positive--or negative--student/teacher interactions, parent involvement, athletics, art, etc).

School Spirit
Your choice of criteria:
Mt. Blue



For your blog post, you are going to create a “casting call.”  Your job is decide the cast for EITHER a rebooted, remade version of “Speak” the movie (AKA no Kristen Stewart) OR for a TV series of the Mt. Blue Campus. You must choose at least 4 characters from “Speak” to cast OR 4 friends/faculty from MBC. Be specific and explain your reasoning.


1. Freaks & Geeks at MBC.  Write a 2-3 paragraph blog post in which you send this character to Mt. Blue High School for a day. What happens? Where do they go? Who do they talk to? How do they get along with the students and teachers? Use your empathy map to help you decide!

2. For your blog post, you are going to create a “casting call.”  Your job is decide the cast for EITHER a rebooted, remade version of “Speak” the movie (AKA no Kristen Stewart) OR for a TV series of the Mt. Blue Campus. You must choose at least 4 characters from “Speak” to cast OR 4 friends/faculty from MBC. Be specific and explain your reasoning.

Submit your Best Evidence for Blogging Standards Evidence 2!

Read. Speak up to page 140.
Due. Monday. 3.21.2016.

Start Planning. Design a Sanctuary for Others. 
Due. Tuesday, 3.28.2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

Pop Culture: Podcasting Continues

We'll start with sharing our soundtracks in class.  We'll each share a song and a rationale.

UPDATE.  WE MADE A MIX TAPE!  We each shared one of our songs from our Soundtrack of Our Lives, provided the reason we included it in our soundtracks and then made this mix.

Then we have two missions today.

1.  To design, record and produce your soundtrack of your life podcast.

2.  Read one of these two articles on podcasting


then search for three or more podcasts that you might enjoy.  Give them a partial listen.  See what you think . . .

and complete a Notice/Wish/Wonder reading graphic organizer to demonstrate your understanding of podcasting.

Produce.  Your Soundtrack of Your Life Podcast.
Due.  Thursday.  3.17.16

Blog.  My Potential Life as a Podcaster.
Armed with your knowledge of podcasting from your listenings last week, your readings today, and your investigation of podcasts you might enjoy,  describe in detail a podcast you would produce.  Some design elements to consider:  What would the topics and format be? How long would an episode be?  Would you have a co-host or go it solo?  What podcast might be similar?  What would you do to make it your own?  Would it cost money or would it be free?  How might you monetize it?
Due.  Thursday. 3.17.16

AP Lit: Frankenstein & Synthesis Week

The Game Plan as It Stands . . .


1. Verse 15: "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
2. Close Reading Frankenstein.
Empathy Maps.  Victor.  Walton. Create.
which become . . .  6 Word Memoirs
and those in turn must be justified with evidence from the text . .
3. Examine test prep work from last week, if time allows.

Between now and next class . . .

Consider how Mary Shelley designed the narrative of Frankenstein and how we might demonstrate the impact of that narrative design (point of view, plot structure, conflict) on the novel's themes through LittleBits.  Draw some diagrams.  Doodle some notions.  Work out some ideas.  Be prepared to have text evidence to support your construction.


1. Synthesis Workshop.  Big focus of the day.  Bring working, feedback-worthy drafts of synthesis essay #3.
2.  Little Bits & Frankenstein design lab: HMW demonstrate impact of Shelley's narrative design on the novel's themes via Little Bits?

DIFFUSION from Kouhei Nakama on Vimeo.
Using whatever tools or media you like, design the patterns that would decorate, camouflage or other wise cover the bodies of Victor, Walton and the Creature respectively.  You needn't confine yourself to two-dimensions.   Use text evidence to prove the intentional thinking behind your choices.
Due. Monday/Tuesday.  March 21.22.

Read, Analyze, Prepare. Literary 3X3s for Frankenstein,  Keat's "Ode to a Grecian Urn" and Byron's "Prometheus"
Due. Monday/Tuesday Mar 21.22.

Preview for Next Week.
Synthesis Essays Due Wednesday/Thursday.
Digging into Frankenstein each day.
Exploring creativity per the Romantics each day.
Reading Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" over the next weekend to gear up for Heart of Darkness.

Eng 9: Speak and Safety and Sanctuary Begin . . .

NO RED INK. We'll start with No Red Ink and our new unit there in complete sentences and fragments.  It's challenging stuff AND when people are doing the practice, they are getting stronger.

You can still retake Confusing Words 2 IF you complete some practice first and show me evidence.

DREAM TIME. Then we're going to do some dream time:  doodle a diagram of a castle, bank or house that is the safest place you can imagine.

DESIGN CHALLENGE. That takes us into a discussion of what makes us feel safe and our next design challenge:  How might we design a sanctuary for others?

You will design a sanctuary for another member of this class, someone you do not know well.  This will challenge your ability to empathize and to design for a real life user.


You will design a sanctuary for a character in Speak that is not Melinda.  She already has a sanctuary.  This will challenge you to empathize AND to demonstrate understanding of the characters in the book.

We'll be going through the DEEP design process to do this starting today.

DISCOVERY.  What does it it mean to be safe? What are the experiences in our lives that make us feel secure? What does it mean to be unsafe? What are the experiences that make us experience fear? Where are the sanctuaries from which we can draw inspiration?

EMPATHY.  How might we understand another's worries and fears?  What unites us.  How might we see through another's eyes.

EXPERIMENT.  Drawings.  Models.  Minecraft.  Unity.  Tinkercad. Many options.

PRODUCE.  Present your findings.   Receive feedback.  Make plans for another iteration.

RAPID FIRE EMPATHY INTERVIEWS.  What makes us feel safe?

We'll start with a group brainstorm and then we'll run some empathy interviews and create empathy maps JUST like you did last week for Freaks and Geeks.

We'll also try to rock a whole mess of Post-It notes.

And then we'll keep reading Speak.  These next several chapters are going to be intense and I want to prepare you for them.

Blog.  Describe and/or draw  a place that makes you feel safe.  Then compare your space to the places in Speak that make Melinda feel safe.  Use evidence from the book to prove your points including the page numbers.
This could serve as reading evidence.
Due.  Wednesday.  3.16.16.

Read. Speak.
Pages 83 - 100.
Due. 3.16.16.

Study.  Roots Quiz 6-10.
Quiz. Friday. 3.25.16.

Friday, March 4, 2016

AP Lit: While Ryder Is Away: Test Prep and Other Things

Hey folks,

The format is a little rushed . . . apologies.

Read Frankenstein for Monday/Tuesday, March 14/15.

Working Draft/Workshoppable Draft of Synthesis #3 for Wednesday/Thursday, March 16/17

Poetic Vocabulary.
Choose 6 Words of Merit/Note from Frankenstein.
Identify their definitions, usage, and use in Frankenstein.
THEN . . .
Use those 6 words to craft a SESTINA some or all of which that could serve as an effective EPIGRAPH to Frankenstein.

Due.  Thursday, March 10.

2nd Round of Blogging Evidence for Standards Due Friday, Mar 11.


"I would like them to complete 2 multiple choice test prep items.  They are available here in the packet.  Please give them only 30 minutes to complete those items.  They may use the rest of the time to work on anything for class that they choose -- blog posts, synthesis essays,  readings, etc.  They know of all additional homework."


What I told the sub. "Give the class 30 minutes to write to “The Crossing” writing prompt provided in the folder.   After they write, they should use the rest of the class to look at the scored samples and determine their own scores.  After reading the samples individually, I would like them to record their conversation about the challenges of writing to the prompt, what they discovered from looking at the samples, and how well they think they did.  They may record it as video or audio, whichever they prefer.  Please have them share their recording with me."

Pop Culture: Soundtrack of Your Life

On Monday, you will have all class to work on this project, as well as your blog posts.

  • Identify 6 significant songs from various points in your life.  Rather than consider songs you enjoyed, consider songs that remind you of particular people or experiences -- good, bad, or anywhere in between.  Consider any emotional connection you might have.
  • Identify the artist, title of the song, and the year each song was released.  Use the following format (and note the quotation marks and parentheses)
Pearl Jam, “Better Man” (1993)

  • Identify a significant line from the lyrics of each song that reminds you of your experiences -- if there are lyrics to that song.
  • Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph for each song explaining why that song matters so much to your life experience.
  • Embed/link each song on your song or create an embeddable playlist using Spotify, YouTube or another music service.
  • Extension Opportunity.  Demonstrate your media skills by creating album art for your soundtrack including a title.  

Blog.  Post at least one of your soundtracks of your life.
Due. Monday, March 6. 2016.
Yep.  Today in Class.

Design.  Soundtrack of Your Life.
Due.  Friday, March 11. 2016.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pop Culture: Blog Tracker Tutorial & More Info About Class and Things!

Here's a tutorial to help you post your blogs to the blog tracker. 

Blog. Design a Band.  Complete that design work.

Here is the 2nd blogging assignment listed on the design-a-band post.  (In case you missed it!)
6. In a separate blog post, choose an artist or band you enjoy.  Select an album by that performer. Explore the relationship between the artist's name, the album's name, and the cover art for that album.  To what extent do they align?  Where do you see a clear relationship between the visuals and the music?  Where do you see it not working out?  What about the band's logo or the font used on the album cover?
One to two descriptive paragraphs with visuals to illustrate.
Extra helpful?  Embed some Vimeo links or Spotify links or other ways of proving your point through the music.
You might get some inspiration for your album covers here

10 Iconic Album Covers (Yahoo) Here

99 Well Designed Album Covers (Inspiredology) Here

21 Great Albums with Not So Great Art (AV Club) Here

Due.  ASAP.

Submit. Blogging Standards Evidence 1.
Due. Friday, March 4

Soundtrack of Your Life.
Written rationales, collection (6+ songs), and podcast.
Begin Planning. More information on this coming, Monday.
Due. Friday, March 11.

Social Media Network Design Challenge.
Revise.  Submit.  Self-Assessments.  Get Them In.