Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blogger Fodder: Short Film: "End of Dates"

Some silly fun.  And aliens.  And stuff blowing up.

And . . . some pretty fantastic storytelling here, too.  Why do we care about this guy?  I mean, I do.  I'm thinking others would, too.  And there are a few twists here on what we usually expect from this sort of relationship, as well.

What do you folks think?  Could you make something like this?

Blogger Fodder: Old People, Young People, Music & Pete Seeger

This letter to the editor in The Daily Bulldog this week raises some interesting points about the relationship between adults and teenagers in our communities.

What do you folks think?

Could make an interesting post.

BTW, who is Pete Seeger?  Just one of the most important voices in American music.  Ever.