Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Humanities: Tuesday's Station Work

On Tuesday, I read another chunk of Of Mice and Men aloud and then we worked through four stations.

Everything is described in this sketchnote of my plans.

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Demonstrate Your Best Evidence in Req'd Posts of the Past

Revise. Submit. Multigenre.  Cardboard Challenge.

Study. Roots Quiz 3 (1-3)
Due.  Thursday. 10.29.15
Optional Evidence. Roots-Based Product.

AP Lit: Joyce & Dubliners

For this week, we are exploring James Joyce and his short story collection, Dubliners.

We are looking to Joyce's style to help us explore the relationship between setting, character and plot structure.

Key features of Joyce's style include:

  • Fusion of Fiction w Reality
    • Real places, real buildings, even real people appear amongst the fiction
  • Epiphany
    • awakening/understanding
    • appeals to all 5 senses
  • Free Indirect Discourse 
    • a particular style of stream of consciousness
    • fluid movement between narrator and character
  • Manipulation of Language and Aesthetics
    • experiments with word play, structure, linguistics, genre

    We started our work with a close read of "Araby" together to have a collective experience with Joyce's style.  

    The readings for night one were then, "Eveline" and "The Boarding House."  Sketchnote/annotate and literary 3x3 each of the short stories. 

    The readings for night two, "Clay" and "A Mother."  Again, sketchnote/annotate and literary 3x3 each.  

    We'll be looking for trends across the collections of stories in terms of character, setting, structure, and style as means to understanding and to applying to our own thinking.   But not yet, one step at a time. . .

    Pop Culture: HMW Design a Film Festival

    How might we design a film festival?  How might we demonstrate our listening & speaking skills via a film festival?

    We'll use these for DISCOVERY phase. 15 min







    You might Notice/Wish/Wonder:

    What do you notice about these film festivals?

    What do you wish about film festivals?

    What do you wonder about these film festivals?



    What are the roses (cool aspects) of these film festivals?

    What are the buds (opportunities/ideas you have) based on these film festivals?

    What are the thorns (things you don't like/find ineffective) in these film festivals?

    EMPATHY phase. 15

    Interview at least 2 people from another design team.

    Ask these three Qs

    Which genres of film do you enjoy the most?

    Would you rather watch a film you love again or watch something new?


    Ask at least one follow up question in each interview to help you program your festival.

    Record the answers.

    EXPERIMENT phase. 15 min.

    Craft it!  Design it.  What are the films you would show?  What would it be called? Where would it be held?   Why?  Use your empathy knowledge and your discovery to help you.

    PRODUCTION phase. 15 min.

    Four corners feedback.  (More on this in class.)