Thursday, October 31, 2013

Humanities: Of Mice & Men Begins

Yesterday (and today) we started our work with John Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men.

On Wednesday, we started by signing out our books.  Then we took a look at the newly created Three 4 Thinking Google doc that's in the Humanities 2013 OUT folder on Drive.  You now have two options, the downloadable and uploadable PDF and the way, way cooler Google doc that you can make a copy of and then put right in your IN folder.

As Mr. Ryder read out loud, we started the process of thinking about our reading.  We completed two of the four boxes, with two more to complete another day.

Also during the reading, Mr. Ryder asked folks to make note of important words in the description of the setting, as well as key words that describe the two main characters (who we later learned to be named George & Lennie).  After everyone cut and paste those words to a shared Google doc., Mr. Dunbar made a Wordle out of the common words.  Words that stood out included "recumbent" and "Gabilan."

After Mr. Ryder read the whole first section/chapter of Of Mice & Men, he and Mr. Dunbar modeled how to do "How might we" thinking with four essential questions the class voted on for our poverty unit.

That ended Wednesday's class.

On Thursday,  class started with a roots activity.  Everyone grabbed a few Legos and built representations of roots from Roots 4.  Mr. Ryder built a ridiculously cool representation of "bell" (war), but forgot to take a picture of it.  Visiting the PACE link over to the right will take you to a list of blogs where you can see various Lego/Roots designs.

From there, Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Ryder finished their "How Might We" thinking about this unit.  We divided into four groups from there to keep working on it and so students could contribute in put.  Two of the groups made the following happen.

We returned as a class and jumped right into another chunk of Of Mice & Men.

On Friday, we will make some decisions regarding our "how might we" work and finish our Three 4 Thinkings.  We'll also do a little improvisation and a Socratic Seminar as well.

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