Thursday, February 4, 2016

Humanities: Stations and To Kill a Mockingbird

Here are the stations we are working during To Kill a Mockingbird week.

Station 1.  No Red Ink. Sentence Fragments.  Quiz coming next week.

Station 2.  Roots 6-8.  Quizlet.  Quiz coming on Friday.  Should've been today.

Station 3.  P/P/O Personal Narrative Essay story map.

Station 4.  P/P/O Personal Narrative essay Storyboard.

Station 5.  LNG/Blog/Graphic Organizers.

We've spent most of our class time this week watching the film.  This way we can invest a great deal of time next week into unpacking and uncovering the film.  Big, big thinking ahead.


Blog Post.
Req'd Post.  P/P/O Pre-Writing.
Post on your blog your story map and your storyboard, explaining your thinking and where you are headed with your essay as well -- either through video, audio, or written commentary.
Due.  Friday, Feb 5.

Compose.  P/P/O Personal Narrative Essay.
Working draft. (Beginning, middle and end. 
Due. Monday.

Eng 9: One Word Unit Continues: Person, Place, Object of Significance Personal Narrative Essay

On Tuesday, we have focused on the power of one word and how much it can represent about us and our lives.

We started with our Roots 6-8 Quiz.  Results will be posted shortly.

In 15 minutes, we created physical and digital representations of the one word that captures our lives right now.

Then we took 15 minutes to turn those images into blog posts and put them on our blog trackers.

From there, we took another 15 minutes -- notice a theme here -- created story webs based on a single person, place or object of significance in our lives. Those story webs are the basis of Thursday's work.

Thursday starts with a scheduling meeting with Guidance.  After they are done, we'll get calibrated quickly and do a practice on No Red Ink.  There is a quiz next class over Commonly Confused Words 2.  Be prepared.  Practice.  There's a pretty clear correlation between higher quiz scores and amount of practice.

Then we'll take out our P/P/O of Significance story webs.  We're going to turn those into storyboards on Post-Its.  5 Post-Its -- the first is a doodle of your P/P/O.   The following four Post-Its are scenes from one story involving your P/P/O.

Here's a link to some examples.

I'll be capturing your storyboard with a Post-It app on the iPad.  This will let us play around with remixing the stories and combining one another's -- either now or in the near future.

Before class ends today, you need to take a pic of your storyboard, put it on your blog, and explain each of the pics.


Blog.  Post-It Storyboard of P/P/O Personal Narrative.
Due.  Today. Thursday.  Feb 4. 2016

No Red Ink Quiz.
Commonly Confused Words 2.