Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PACE: Macbeth Graphic Organizer Tutorial

Humanities: Insights & "How Might We" Improve MS to HS Transition & Speak

Tuesday, we started with a quick round or two of knockout to prep for our Roots 9 quiz on Thursday.  Remember there is also a Word Map or Roots Product due as well.

Then we divided into two groups to work on our 8th to 9th grade transition design challenge.

One group worked with Mr. Ryder on capturing insights from our "first day at school" writings and seeing how those insights will affect our designs.

One group work with Mr. Dunbar on "How might we" improve the transition from 8th to 9th grade.  They focused on who should be interviewed and what questions should be asked.

After debriefing this work, some folks went and read Speak on their own, while others worked with Mr. Ryder.

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Req'd Posts:
2 Req'd Post for the Week
1) Give yourself grades for the first semester, similar to how Melinda grades herself.  Notice that she grades herself in things that aren't just academic classes. After grading yourself, include the reasons behind your grades.  Be specific and clear.

2) Brainstorm the video/transition experience for the incoming ninth graders in April.  List every idea of what that video could be, what the activities could look like, or what else could happen next fall.

Need ideas for more blog posts?  Check out the tag "Blogger Fodder" and the videos/links that have been posted.

Read: Complete the "First Ranking Period" (pg 46)
Due: Thursday, Feb 6

Roots: Roots 9 Product & Quiz
Roots Quiz 9 (6, 7, 8, 9) & Product Due: Thursday, Feb 6

Blogger Fodder: What It Means to Be Human

David Byrne is a rad, rad dude.  Back in the late 70s and then into the 80s and 90s he was part of the seminal art-punk-new-wave group, Talking Heads.

And then later he did a ton of other cool stuff.

He got kind of obsessed with PowerPoint for a while, seeing it as a way to create powerful art if only it was used to do so.  He really hates slideshows.  Here he talks about technology.

But this came across my Twitter feed and got me thinking a lot about visual note taking and our relationships with our stuff and others around us and . . . well . . what do you think?

Link with lots more here: