Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Senior Seminar: Who Am I? (at the Moment)

WHO AM I? (at the MOMENT)

Day ONE This week we're just getting started.  Since the whole semester is going to be about your individual heroic journey through high school, we're going to begin by taking a look at where you are at right now.

You'll complete a "Who Am I? (at the Moment)"  graphic organizer with sketchnotes to take a personal inventory.

Then represent those sketchnotes in LEGO bricks.

That's day one.

Day TWO, we establish the ways in which we will document our learning.

We'll set up folders on Google Drive.  Share those folders with me -- make sure I'm an editor -- and that's where you'll turn in work for the course.

Then we'll set up our class blogs on Blogger.  (You'll also be creating a personal branded blog as part of this course.  More on that later.)  This is another way for us to document and share our thinking and learning this semester.

Finally, we'll use FlipGrid for the first time.  This is a video tool used to conduct discussions, document learning, and interact with other people in the class.   We'll finish the class by embedding our 1st FlipGrid videos on our blogs.

Day THREE will be quite a bit of watching, listening and responding.  More on that come Friday