Monday, January 25, 2016

Humanities: Spoons, Stations and More

Today we'll continue our work with the lead up to the civil rights movement in some station work, as well introduce some new work as well.

STATION 1.   Watch the short film, "Believe."
Believe from Richard Addlesee on Vimeo.

Discuss the Title.  What message do you think the filmmaker is trying to deliver by calling this film, "Believe?"  What happens in the film to support your thinking?

Were you the filmmaker, what might be another one word title you'd use for this film?  Explain your thinking.

Optional: What comes next? Tell the story of what you believe happens next.


There is a new pre-assessment up on No Red Ink, this time around sentences and fragments.  Complete it.

STATION 3. Revising and Posting Civil Rights Inspired Social Media Image.

If you have not, complete your reflection on yesterday's critique session.  Then work on revising/experimenting with your design and post on your blog.

STATION 4. Roots 8.  Quizlet.

Get started on Roots 8.  Quizlet.

STATION 5.  Sketchnote:  People, Objects, Places of Significance

Start by making a list of the people in your life that have had significance -- may be positive or negative,  and then do the same for objects and places.

Then turn those lists into sketchnotes.  Capture them using your phone or laptop.  You will need these on Wednesday and Thursday.

Req'd Post.  "Believe."
Post a link/embed "Believe" on your blog and post your responses to the prompts.  You may want to expand upon your answers before posting to your blog.
Due. Thursday. Jan. 28.

Req'd Post. "Quote."
Critique Reflection and Civil Rights Inspired Social Media Image.
Due. Today. 

Roots 8.
Quiz.  Thursday.  Feb 4.