Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pop Culture: Documentary Design Challenge: Discovery Phase: Ideating!

Today we continue in DISCOVERY Phase with our Documentary Design Challenge.

HMW Design a 3 Minute Documentary in 18 Days?

which is really . . .

HMW design a documentary?

which is really . . .

HMW capture reality in a compelling, interesting way?

which is really . . .

HMW we turn truth into entertainment?


To get ideas going for your documentaries, we will use a technique called 8 Box.

Step 1.  Fold a piece of paper into 8 boxes.

Step 2.  You will have 60 seconds to doodle your ideas for a documentary in Box 1.  

Steps 3-9.  You will have another 60 seconds to doodle in the next available box.  You may expand on your ideas from Box 1.   Or you may start a completely new idea.  Keep in mind the discovery work you have done.

Step 10.  You have 10 minutes to doodle and sketchnote and label your design for a three minute documentary.  We will be sharing these, giving and receiving feedback.  Make  sure you title your design.

Step 11.  Feedback round via sticky notes.  You'll be using tiny sticky notes to share feedback.

Step 12.  Use the feedback to help make decisions in your team as you embark on creating your prototype!   

From there, you will investigate articles, videos, and other sources about the PROCESS of documentary filmmaking.   We will use Diigo to keep a master list of all the resources we find as a class.  Check your email and use your school e-mail to register.  Using Diigo will let us see what other folks are finding so we don't have duplicate efforts -- we can share resources and thinking.

Each link should be accompanied by a one sentence summary AND a short (2 - 3 sentence) explanation of why you think it would be helpful to our designing.  If everyone posts at least one resource today, that gives us a fantastic pile of information from which to draw inspiration.

I'll circulate around and show design teams the steps to posting on Diigo.  Once registered, it's really a copy and paste and tag situation.  We probably should have been using this instead of Pinterest, though it's not visual which makes me sad.

Show Your Thinking.
1+ Post Due Friday. 12.4.15
Optional Critical Creativity Challenges:
Option 1.  Document your week using only emojis.  Be as specific as possible.
Option 2. Watch and review a complete documentary.  It may be from our lists or another you've discovered.
Option 3. Gamify Your Life.  What if your life was a game?  What shape would it take? How would it be played?

Documentary Design Challenge.  Discovery Phase.
Watch. Clips of at least 3 other documentaries.
Complete a new  Q and Q form based on the documentaries you watch.  Be sure to identify which doc spurs which thinking.
Due. Wednesday. 12.2.15

Discovery Phase.
Research.  Post 2-3 resources on Diigo with a single sentence summary for each and 2-3 sentences explaining how each might be helpful.
Due. Friday. 12.4.15
Counts as Research Standard Evidence.

Documentary Due.
Friday. 12.18.15.

Film Culture Project and One-Page Self-Reflection/Analysis.
Past Due. 11.1.15

Phrankenomena and 3 Questions.
Due. 12.4.15