Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eng 9: To Solve a Mockingbird: Experiment & Produce Phases

We'll start with a brief reading session and then . . .

And then . . . we invent and create.

There's an adjustment to the expectation for your invention:  you do not have to use Little Bits.  They are a tool.  They are a great tool.  My excitement about using them shouldn't limit your imagination or problem solving skills.

You MUST create a tangible invention.  It must be something you can hold and use -- or at least easily imagine is functional.  The Little Bits are there to make some of your ideas ACTUALLY happen -- and there are other inventions available too.

In order to be released to build and hack and make and create, you must put the following in your Eng 9 IN folder on Google Drive:
* Full 8 Box and video documenting that you did it in 4 minutes (if you did it at home)
* Three panel storyboard of your invention in action
* Empathy Map of the character for whom you are designing a solution

Today is also the last day to build and create in class.  At 9 a.m. we will showcase what we've created, get some feedback in either Rose, Bud, Thorn or Four Corners Feedback,  as we get ready for new work next Tuesday and Thursday.

Once you've designed/built your invention, you must write a one-page story from the point of view of your character USING your invention to solve the problem.  Your story needs to demonstrate that you understand the character you have chosen and can empathize with him or her.  It must also prove you understand the story of To Kill a Mockingbird, as well as some of the big ideas -- themes -- in the film.

Anything you don't finish in class becomes homework.  Work hard.  Make awesome thing as I know you will.