Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Humanities: Reflections & Self Assessment, LNGView & No Red Ink

We'll start class with LNG View & No Red Ink today.

The LNG View reading and form have been sent to your Gmail.  It's also here if you need it.

You have a second assignment in around common mistakes with their/there/they're & to/two/too.  Assignment one was tremendous.  Most folks did really well.  So, we will have a quiz on Friday around their/there/they're & to/two/too.

Remember, if you don't do well on the NoRedInk quizzes, you can always retake them.  You just have to first demonstrate evidence of learning.  This you might do by doing some practice work on NoRedInk and sending us screenshots of your results.  You might do it by watching grammar related videos and blogging about what you learned from them.  You might write a song that show's you understand.  Lots of things you can do.  And then retake the quiz.  We replace the new grade with the old. (Unless you do worse, then the old grade stands.)

From there, you will have time to craft your reflections on your projects and complete your self-assessments.

What am I talking about?  Check the project rubric embedded below here.

You have two teachers here to help you.  Make it so, my good friends.



Blog: 3+ Posts this week
Creative Blog Entry: Visualize Humanities Class.  Create a visual -- may be a diagram, may be a photo, may be  a collage, may be a painting, may be a sculpture, may be . . . wow . . . anything visual -- that represents what Humanities class means to you.  What do we learn? How do we operate? What is your work like? You may want to post a few to fully capture your thinking.  We will be at the halfway point soon and this a good way to get a sense of where your thinking is at.
Due: Friday, December 13

Complete: Project Proposal Form

Study: Roots 7 Quiz & Product (Product! Like what we came up with on the board! Do something NEAT!)
Due: Thursday, December 19

Closing Arguments
Due: PAST DUE! Friday, December 6

Photo Essay/StoryCorps
Due: (PAST DUE!) Tuesday, December 10 (YESTERDAY!)

PACE: How's It Going Results - December 9, 2013

PACE: Figurative Language, Blogging, Projects & More

Today we'll start with Miss Rumble's lesson on figurative language.

It will include:

From there . . .

We will talk about blogging, why we do, how we can improve it.  We can use our problem solving protocol to do this.

And we will plan our next three classes.  What you need in order to be successful in completing your projects.


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Post: Make a plan for your blog.  What sort of a schedule would help you?  How can you turn your blog into a better system of communication with me and the rest of your class?  What sort of feedback do you need in order to stay motivated to blog? Sharing?  Comments?  Something else?
Due: Friday, December 13

Create: Poetry/Music Project
Due: Thursday, December 19

Complete: Graphic Organizers
Due: See Due Dates Form