Monday, May 4, 2015

AP Lit: Test & Watchmen & Poet-Trees Set Free

For a tiny class of four, we sure did a lot of doing today in AP Lit.

Here's what everyone needs to know . . .

1.  Test.  Wednesday.  UMF.  North Dining Hall.  Be there by 7:30 - 7:45.  Test at 8.  Boom.  Rock it.  HARD.

2. Poet-trees set free.  We'd really like to release the poet-trees into the wild for people to discover on nature trails and walking paths around our community i.e. Bonney Woods, Flint Woods, Whistle Stop, etc.   Not permanently, but perhaps for a week or two?

We came up with a great list today and need to strategize on how to get them out there, so long as all of the Poet-Trees crew is in agreement.  We also thought it would be great fun to encourage poet-trees selfies so we can see who finds them all.  Maybe we could make some rustic signage.

Also, mark your calendars for 7 a.m. Sunday, May 31st.  Tentative plans for a fully voluntary hike up Tumbledown to plant a Poet-Tree in the wee morning hours.

2.  Read Watchmen.  Chapter 4 by Thursday/Friday.   COMPLETE Watchmen for next week: Wed, the 13th, we will talk openly about the whole book.  Friday, the 15th, everyone should have completed the text.

Why is that so important?  Because  . . .

3. We are making a short film inspired by Watchmen.  Due date. Upload date.  World premiere date.  (Red Carpet Event Date?)  June 1st.

How might we demonstrate the themes, devices, characters and intentions of Watchmen through an original film inspired by the work?

To do so, we must identify Moore & Gibbons' techniques, the themes,  characters, the literary devices, the symbols, the imagery, the visual devices, the layers of allusions, the layers of text, and more.

To those ends, this is a design challenge so . . .


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:  DISCOVERY PHASE.  Watchmen film project.  Based on what we've read so far, unpack the text.  What themes emerge already? Symbolism?  Techniques?  Colors? Devices?  Go nuts.  Explore the text.   What seems like it NEEDS to be there?  What feels indisposable at this juncture?  What could it do without?

Sketchnote it?  Mind map it?  Free write it?
Due.  Friday, May 8th.

Brit Lit. Experimenting and Adventure Gridding

Last week, we talked about Baltimore rather than work on our design challenge.  This was a good thing.  A powerful conversation.

And today we need to get on point with our design work.

We'll jump right into today with low-res model making.   You'll have access to all of the materials in the room to experiment with various designs for land owner signage and for the thermostat car starter.
At 1:15 we will complete the Adventure Grid and make our map for the rest of the year.

Reading 2.
Wednesday, you will be researching a 2nd article on your topic, reading and responding.  As we go through this project, you should be thinking about a wide variety of topics that fall under your project.

For example, car starter thermostat:  animal cruelty, innovations in car accessories, internet of things, entrepreneurship, kickstarter, little bits cloud bit, new wireless car accessories,

Mudding: land owner rights, land damage from ATVs, responsible trail use, innovative signage, property damage from vehicles, QR codes, game warden concerns,

Blog Post 2. Also, by Friday, you need to have had a conversation with a stakeholder/user of your design.  For example, a pet owner or mechanic (preferably one with experience with remote car starters).  Someone who has posted land or who often rides on posted land.    Find out what bugs them about the current situation and what excites them about your possible solution.  Find out what features they might like to see.