Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PACE: Working on Being Heroes

Thursday will begin in The Forum.  We'll be looking at some work the  teachers did on Wednesday afternoon regarding how to make the school a more welcoming, engaging place that gets more students to want to BE HERE.  I'm curious to see what you think of the results.

I then need to show you how to complete the project proposal form for the I Am Hero Project.  I'll do that by making a fake one right in front of your very eyes.  The actual form lives on its own page right here on the blog.

I only received a little feedback the other day (7 out of 17) about how class went, but I'm applying it.
So I'll stop as close to 30 minutes as possible today, though it may go a little over.  You will certainly have over half of the class to work.

And that work will include working by yourself or with your Student PACE reading groups on any of the following.


Student PACE: Whatever reading comes next for your group
Teacher PACE: Finish book by 9/30

Graphic Organizers
I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #1
Due Friday 9/20 -- Will Take Up to Wednesday 9/25 & Not Be Late

I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #2 (In the PACE 2013 OUT folder on Google Drive)
Due Monday 9/30

3+ Blog Posts Due Each Week (A Week is Monday to Friday)
1 Post Is Required (It Will Always Be a Creative Post), Others Are Anything You Want to Post Related to Class
Creative Req. Post: Write your own song or poem that tells JUST the story of your protagonist’s call to adventure and/or crossing of the threshold.  It may take any poetic form you like -- it does not need to be an epic poem -- and there isn’t a particular length requirement so long as it fits a poetic form and tells that part of the story. (Note: This is also part of your graphic organizer Week #2 -- it counts for both! That’s one way to look at using your blog. A place to do your work.)
Due Friday 9/27

I Am Hero Project
The rubric is on the blog as well as here.
You should start your planning ASAP.  There will be a proposal form that will be due next Monday 9/30 in class.

Proposal & Conf Due Monday, 9/30
Due Wednesday, 10/9

Humanities: Mas Cardboard Challenge!

More building on the Mt Blue Campus

Humanities: Symbaloo (for LoNGview work)

AP Lit: Synthesis Essay Rubric

AP Lit 2B/3B: Zones: Workshopping, Writing, Discussing

Hey folks,

You have four zones in which you may function today. The intention is to maximize our classroom time opportunities for folks to get what they need/want from the class period. We won't be able to do this everyday. But I'd like to try it out and see how well it works.  

1. Use the inspiration area as a discussion hub to discuss Mrs. Dalloway.  Please record your conversation for my benefit in some way.

2. Use a cluster of desks in the center of the room to run a peer editing workshop.  I'll create a shared Google doc on which you should paste each essay examined and mark up with your comments.  Start from the same place we began the other day: author cannot speak, comments and constructive criticisms given, author given a chance to ask questions and clarify.

3.  Find a comfortable space and work on your synthesis essay in solo fashion.  Again, share it with me through Google docs so I can see the results of your Wednesday.

4.  Find a comfortable space and answer some of the questions on Google+.

Friday will be a very discussion and movement and chess oriented day.  And next Tuesday will be rich with discussion.  

Folks that intend to buy their own copy of The Hours should get their hands on it by early next week.

Write: Synthesis Essay 1st Submission Draft Due Next Class!  Thursday! Rubric here!

Blog: 3+ entries for Friday, 9/27
Assigned Creative Blog Post:  Mrs. Dalloway employs color in meaningful, powerful ways.  Perhaps you have noticed this, perhaps  you have not.  (Pay particular attention to flowers, foods, skies, clothing and faces.)

Use  to create a custom palette of at least three colors relating to meaning in Mrs. Dalloway.  You will need to name the palette and each color within it.  Be certain to choose purposeful names and push your self to go beyond the concrete.  (Concrete:  "blue sky" because the sky was blue.)

Share your palette on your blog w/ explanations of your choices.

Added Challenge: Create a piece of digital art employing the color palette in a way congruent to Virginia Woolf.

Dallowinian Reading Chunks (pg. #s are Mt. Blue copies, Harcourt ed.)
1: a t an O an F (1 - 29)
2: he never saw her again (29 - 64)
3: Dr. Holmes, looking not quite so kind. (64-94)
4. Elizabeth Dalloway mounted the Westminster Omnibus (94 - 139)
5. For there she was (139 - End)
One reading per night.
Blue Day classes finish the book for Tuesday, the 1st.   Gold Day classes  finish for Monday the 30th.