Wednesday, April 13, 2016

AP Lit: Year in Review Blog Posts & Critical Creativity Experiences

Remember that each of these are intended to help you review the themes, characters, techniques, devices and experiences we have had with literary analysis this year.

Literature the Band

1.  List the various literature we have read collectively as a class.  Include all novels, poetry, short stories and drama.
2.  Brainstorm a list of bands and musical artists.
3.  Generate several #literarybands by mashing the the names of the bands/artists with the literature we have read i.e. Mrs Dallowaylon Jennings,  True Gritty Dirt Band, The Love Song of J Kendrick Lamar, Hamlety Azalea, etc.
4.  Choose one of your literary bands/artists.
5.  Find an album by that original artist.  Change the title of the album to suit the literature you've mashed up i.e. Mrs. Dallowaylon Jennings' Westminster Rebel.
6.  Then take a look at the track listing for that album.  Convert at least six song titles to suit your literature i.e. "Bond Street Blues," "London Burn," "I'm a Long Way from Evans," etc.
7.  Then choose one of the those song titles and transform the lyrics to suit your literature, effectively creating a song inspired by the literature.
8.  Finally, remix the cover art of that album to suit the literature as well.
9.  Take it to the next level by creating liner notes for your literary band.

Stage the Literature

1.  Choose four characters from any of the texts we've read this year.  It may be speakers of poetry, antagonists of prose,  supporting characters of prose, any characters at all.

2.  Cast those four characters in a one-act play.  Lay out the plot from beginning to end.  Consider a situation that would bring those four characters together.  How might they be connected?

3.  Write one scene of dialogue.  Capture the essence of those characters.

Avenging League of Uncanny Literature

Transform any four characters from any of the texts you've read this year, including your independent novels, into a team of heroes.   These characters may come from a variety of works.  Think about how their character traits might be amplified into super powers, if they might have alter egos, or if they might simply use their skills in the service of a bigger mission: to defeat the threat of their nemesis.

Who is this nemesis?  Select a character from the works you've read this year to cast as your super villain.  What is this villain's master plan?  What powers or skills does the villain possess? Are there any other members of the rogue's gallery or perhaps henchman?

Take it to the next level by writing a brief adventure, drafting a brief comic, or composing a short storyboard featuring heroics and villainy.