Monday, December 2, 2013

PACE: Poetry Project Proposals & Gearing Up for the Essay

Today you will work with Miss Rumble to make amazing things happen while I am not there.  I'm off learning how to better run PACE.  (It's true.  That's where I'll be.)

You'll start in Ohana teams to complete a quick little team challenge around haiku.

A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression. - See more at:
Work in your team to write a haiku about PACE and how it is going in class lately.

That will lead to a few quick "I can" statements to get you recalibrated.  As a team you will generate five "If I understand  ______ then I can _______"  statements related to the standards for the project.  Put them on sticky notes and get them up on the board.

Then you will make weekly work plans by accessing the doc in your Google Drives.

From there, you have one task you must complete in class today: project proposal form.  (It is in your e-mail.) You must propose what you will make.  It can change, but you must propose it today.  Why? Because the Teacher PACE due date is Thursday, December 19. You can choose another due date, of course. but that's the one that will ensure you having an actual break.

Thursday we will do some reviewing of figurative language, since that was the big gap our work before break revealed.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Post:  Using GarageBand, any music creation app, or your own instruments, create a short instrumental score that could be played in the background while you are walking through the halls of MBC.
Due: Friday, December 6

Project Proposal Form
Due: Today, December 2nd

Poetry/Music Project
Teacher PACE: Thursday, December 19

Poetry/Music Essay
Teacher PACE: Thursday, December 19

All Classes: PBL Proposal Form Tutorials (Without Bloom's)

These were made during class on December 2nd.  Reference them to help you complete the PBL proposal form.  We'll make one that includes Bloom's Taxonomy soon.

Part I

Part II

Humanities: Projects, Closing Arguments, Blogging and Back to Basics

Hi, folks.  We have a routine in Humanities that can get disrupted sometimes.  We are going to get back on that routine this week.

  • Monday: LoNGview & Project Proposals & Blog Quality
  • Tuesday: Roots Activity & Project/Closing Argument Work & Exit Tickets
  • Wednesday: LoNGview & Project/Closing Argument Work & No Red Ink & Exit Tickets
  • Thursday: Roots 6 Quiz & Product Due & Closing Argument Workshop
  • Friday: No Red Ink & Closing Arguments DUE & Blogs Due
Today, we will start with a LoNGview reading that ties into your work with Of Mice & Men and poverty.
From there you will have to complete a project proposal form for your photo essay or StoryCorps IN CLASS.  It can be found in your inbox. This is due today, in class.

I posted a tutorial to help you with your blogging.


Blog: 3+ Posts this week
Creative Blog Entry: Casting Call.  Select at least two actors/actresses for a new version of Of Mice & Men. Explain your casting decisions by referencing the performers prior roles, embedding images that prove they have the necessary "look," and making an argument that these are the BEST people for the roles.  
Due: Friday, December 6

Complete: Project Proposal Form
Due: Today, Monday, December 2

Study: Roots 6 Quiz & Product
Due: Thursday, December 5

Closing Arguments
Due: Friday, December 6

Photo Essay/StoryCorps
Due: Tuesday, December 10

Creative Blog Post Sample: Casting Call: Of Mice & Men

Here's a tutorial that shows how the following was made.

I think these two fine performers would do a superb job in the roles of George and Curley's wife in a 2014 version of Of Mice & Men.

pic via

Jeremy Renner as George Milton.

Renner proved through The Hurt Locker that he has some serious acting skills.  He played a bomb squad technician who struggles with PTSD and generally connecting to the people around him.  While George isn't suffering, he definitely has a tough time connecting to the people around him.  He's always on his guard.  He has difficulty trusting people.  He's got hopes and dreams, but he keeps finding himself stuck back where he started.  And that's at lot like the character in The Hurt Locker.  He played Hawkeye in The Avengers which is just awesome.  So he's got that going for him too.

pic via

Elizabeth Debicki as Curley's Wife
Debicki played Jordan in the 2013 version of The Great Gatsby.  She was a powerful, independent woman in that film.   Curley's wife seems to want independence even though she doesn't have it herself.  She clearly struggles with that.  She's got a great look in her eyes though and that seems important to Curley's wife who uses her eyes and her looks and her voice to get what she wants.  And Jordan in Gatsby does the same.  Plus, we don't a lot about Curley's wife.  She sort of an unknown and that's a lot like casting a relatively unknown actress.
Hey listen up folks.  We gotta a serious situation.  We are going into production on a new Of Mice and Men in two weeks! And we got no one!  Yet.  

AP Lit 2B & 3B: Hamlet, Hamlet,, Hamlet

Monday: Hamlet.

We will focus on energies on Hamlet. We will open with another little exercise to get us in the headspace and cause a little anxiety in the room.  A little.  Not a lot.  Enough to be productive and useful.

Wednesday will be a big The Swimmer activity.  Emphasis on big.

Friday, we will review design thinking, the process analysis product, and discussing all of the sonnet work you will be doing.  As well as more with Hamlet.  How will we ever fit in all in?  Magic.


Blogs: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:  Hamlet Writes a Sonnet
Choose any character from Hamlet and write a sonnet from that character's point of view.  Pay particular attention to which sonnet form you choose.  Be certain to include all elements of that sonnet form within your creation AND to make those choices with deliberate intention.  How can the format and rhyme scheme reflect the character?
Due: Friday, December 6

Sonnet Work:
Read: "The Sonnet" chapter in "How to Read Lit" and annotate. 
Read: you’ve got a pile of poetry to read and it’s gonna be great.  We will be examining the sonnet form and discussing why it endures.  I’ve put three links on Diigo — and highlighted the poems you need to read on the “Sonnet” page.  There are two Shakespearean sonnets you need to read as well,  ”Let Those Who Are in Favour”and “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?”  
Annotate three of the above sonnets.  Your choice.  
Due: Friday, December 6

Review & Annotate:
Cheever's The Swimmer (Check your AP Lit Out)
Due: Wednesday, December 4

Read Hamlet:
Due: Wednesday, December 4