Monday, January 13, 2014

Humanities: Habits of Mind, Howe & Howe & Extreme by Design

We are just hammering you with big thinking right now and here comes some more . . .

We'll start with an opt-in MUGS activity to help you with "your/you're" before your quiz on Wednesday.  If you'd like to participate, work with Mr. Ryder on one side of the room.  You may choose to use this time to blog instead, if you feel like you don't need any help understanding the differences between your and you're.

From there, we will do a sorting activity based on the learning styles quizzes you took the other day. You will be up.  You will be moving.  It will be most fantastic.

That takes us to watching a couple of videos that tie in directly to all the work we've been doing with design thinking, habits of mind, and learning styles.

One is this episode of SplitScreen with Shannon Moss featuring the Howe Brothers from Howe & Howe.

The other is a preview of a design thinking documentary we'll be watching in chunks this week, Extreme by Design. 

You can see even more a preview here and more of the documentary here.

We'll be using a variety of strategies to help capture our thinking about these videos and how they tie into the work we've been doing with Habits of Mind.

Habits of Mind Assessment next Thursday and Friday!
Roots Quiz Thursday!

Get your missing work IN!!!!  Revisions!

Literary 3x3 Into Thesis Statements Essay Maps & Poetry!

Today we'll start with getting up and running and the first lesson on there.  Quiz on Friday.

We'll run ripshod over Hamlet, Act II, scene 2.  (Or at least, part of it. We have a tendency to get carried away on the Hamlet and we have other things to do!)

Then, we'll return to our Literary 3x3s for "Araby" and use them to shape thesis statements & essay maps.  (The results of our work will be posted here for perusal.)

Then we'll complete the lesson plan from last week:

"From there, we are going to try a little experiment connected to our "Poetry as Design" work.
We will transfer our literary 3x3s to index cards, one word per card.  Thus, every student will end up with a deck of nine cards.  We will start by rearranging our down decks.  What other configurations can we make of those nine words?  It's okay to mentally adjust tense and such to make it work.  
From there, we will continue the experiment by passing decks.  See if you can create a 3x3 with another deck.
And from there, things great really crazy.  We will take the decks.  Combine.  Shuffle.  Deal nine.
And then . . . design poems.  Design a companion poem to Joyce's "Araby" using the nine words (and others) and what you understand about design." 

Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Post: Create a Literary 3x3 for Joyce's "Eveline" and for Houseman's "To an Athlete Dying Young."  Choose one of the those two 3x3s and turn it into a thesis statement & map your thinking about an essay.  Those maps can be visual! Or verbal!   Just get 'em up on your blog. 

AE Houseman's "To an Athlete Dying Young" 
James Joyce's "Eveline"
Due: Friday, Jan. 17

MUGS Quiz: Apostrophes 1
In Class: Friday, Jan 17 on

Revise: Synthesis #2
Due: Friday, Jan 17 (if you want a 2nd revision)

Design & Create: Poetry as Design pieces
Due: Wednesday, Jan 13 (Next Class!)
Installation: Monday, Jan 20 (voluntary)

Read & Create:  Indie Book Project #3
Due: Wednesday, Jan 29

Note: We will be taking time Jan 28 - Feb 7 to explore our readings & share our products in depth