Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pop Culture: Getting Blogging Going

With many of our seniors at a guidance presentation, we are going to get going on blogs because this can be done even if you aren't in class.

Here's the blogging rubric for this year.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Blog Post:
a) Read this article http://www.wired.com/2013/04/how-to-make-itunes-awesome-again/
b) Write your own "How to Make __________ " Choose a music app, music related device OR musical artist that you used to like, but feel like has been in need of some improvements for a while.  Identify two to three (or more) key areas of improvement and describe not only what needs to change but how you'd change it.

Try to use images to illustrate  your point.  Can't find a pic online?  Take your own.
Due: Friday 9/26

Create: A-Side/B-Side Soundtrack
A-Side Soundtrack of Your Life (4+ Songs)
B-Side Soundtrack for Others (4+ Songs)

A-Side Soundtrack of Your Life

  • Music tied to experiences
  • Music that tells the story of who you are and where you have been
  • Music that could take the place of your presence

B-Side Soundtrack for Others

  • Who is your audience? Be specific.  Crystal clear.
  • Interview your audience.  Empathize.
  • Music that serves your audience's needs


  • One-paragraph rationale for each of your songs.
  • Cover art for each side; be intentional

DUE: Friday, 10/3

Humanities: Vocab Begins and Symphony

Today we'll start our first experiences with vocab by looking at Roots 1.  Most of our vocab this year will be from our Greek and Latin roots work.  You can see all of our lists for the year here.  There's also a link in the sidebar.

We will be working on vocab on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   Our first quiz will be next Thursday.  We will show you in class how the quiz format works.  It is also important to know that each quiz builds on the next.  Thus, Roots Quiz 2 is over roots list 1 and 2.

In addition to the quiz, you must create a vocab-based product for your list.  Products have to use root-based words effectively and in context.

A root-based word is any word that uses your root.
For example, anti- is a root that means "against."
The word antidote is a word that uses anti-.

For your product, you might create a song, poem, story, speech, movie, video game, comic book, art, who-knows-what?  It needs to use 5 roots-based words effectively from the current list.  These products are always due the same day as the quiz.


After intro to the vocab you'll be completing a I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder chart over the empathy, story and symphony sections of Whole New Mind.  The chart is in the Humanities OUT folder.


You'll have time to blog today.  During this time, you may want to complete your six-word memoir  or you might want to look at someone else's blog and make a connect.


Five Line Drawings.

Want to start building your skills in Whole New Mind?  Check out this slideshare!  All sorts of activities you can do -- most of the chunks of the portfolio.  


Complete: I Notice/I Wish/I Wonder chart.
Due: Thursday, Sept 25

Study:  Roots Quiz 1
Complete: Roots 1 Product
Due: Thursday, Oct 2

Start Planning: Whole New Mind Portfolio
Due: Thursday, Oct 9