Monday, October 31, 2016

Pop Culture: Debates & Making Movie Magic Happen (Sorta)

This week in Pop Culture . . .

We'll start with our Rated R debates and a quick review of effective listening and speaking as well as note taking.

Remember that you must make two meaningful contributions to the discussion to meet the standard as well as demonstrate effective listening skills through notetaking/sketchnotes.   You may also backchannel  (Wow, I messed up that formatting.  Bah.  Who cares?  The link works.  USE IT.)

After we discuss the debate briefly,  we'll dive into the rest of our work for the week  (due on Friday & Monday -- respectively)
Making the Movie Magic Happen. (Sorta.)

Stage 1. After watching a couple of clips under Mr. Ryder’s tutelage, try your hand at storyboarding, directing and cinematography.

  1. In groups of one, two or three, choose a film from the  AFI Top 100 - 10th Anniversary list that you have seen or at least sorta kinda “know.” (This list is due for an update in 2017.  I’m curious to see what happens  . . .)
  2. Find a clip of a well-known scene from that film online.  They are out there.
  3. Using either people or LEGO minifigs and either digital photography or sketching, recreate that scene shot-by-shot, angle-by-angle
  4. As you are producing that recreation, think about the placement of the camera, the framing, the movement.  Do your best to create as honest a reproduction as possible.  The point?  To see if you can see filmmaking from a creator’s point of view and become more aware of how the filmmaker’s convince their audiences to see and think about the subject matter in a particular way.

Which takes us to Stage 2.
After recreating that scene to develop a sense of how it all “works” in a finished product, use your skills to tell the following story.
Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.24.47 AM.png

Choose and recreate the camera angles to the best of your abilities from the following sources:

Great tool because it shows you examples from actual films

Fantastic explanation of camera angles

Several great examples of storyboarding at work

Stage 3. #ShowYourWork by Creating a Google Presentation, Prezi, or other slide deck to show how your team did.   
Due at the midpoint of next class for sharing and feedback. (I know we are doing a lot of slides lately -- it is because I want you to become supremely confident you can make engaging, effective visuals before you leave this class. It's my way of making the world a better place.) Embed your slide deck on your blog. Place the link or slideshow in your IN folder. Be sure to include all group members.

BLOG. 2 Posts.
Making Movie Magic Happen Part I.
Making Movie Magic Happen I.
See Above.
DUE. Friday/Monday 11.4/11.7

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