Wednesday, December 18, 2013

AP Lit 2B/3B: Poetry As Design EXPERIMENT PHASE!

Today, we play with design & poetry.

We are in the EXPERIMENT phase of our DEEP design thinking process.

We will briefly review the CRAP principles of effective design by looking at them in practice.

And we will take a look at some particularly design-oriented poetic terms that will be particularly helpful on the AP Lit test as well.  They are highlighted here on this collection of terms from Dennis Carroll.

We'll see if we can identify some by looking at one or two of the poems in the Poet Speaks of Art collection from Harry Rusche at Emory University or perhaps by looking at the Scottish Poetry Library and its poster collection.

And then we make! Design Challenge: In 25 minutes, create a design inspired by a song or poem that works toward our collaborative goal.

Some of Tuesday's results from the Commercial Arts/AP Lit collaborative.  This class worked with Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."


Blog: 3+ Posts
NOTE: 2 Req'd Posts 
1 Req'd Hamlet: Act II.  Branagh. The guy directed Thor.  Check out his Hamlet. And your Drive. Thoughts?
2nd Req'd: Post Your Suggested Means/Proposal/Prototype of Collecting Evidence of Thinking & Writing Processes as well as your thoughts on what the end products should look like to be most useful in demonstrating your understanding as well as being useful in the future.
Due: Friday, December 20

Clips of Branagh Hamlet posted and shared for Act II in your Google Drive.
Reflect on Blog w/ Analysis/Thoughts on Versions
Due: Friday, December 20

Poetry as Design Project (create one poem, create visual interpretation of a found poem)
2 Products Total
1 must be a design interpretation of a found poem/lyric
1 must be connected to the collaborative goal

From there:
1 may be an original poem
1 may be a personal piece
Both may be connected to your goal

Graded Class Discussion
1st Semester In Review Including But Not Limited To:
* Big Take Aways?
* Where Are the Gaps?
* What Is Working?
* What Could Help Things Work Even Better?
Not going to be in class?  Put these ideas on . . .  your blog!  Record them!  (This is a listen/speaking assessment after all.)

Due: End of 1st Week of January (we may want to think about an installation/publication the 2nd week of January)

Think ahead: 
Revisions of Synthesis Essay
Indie Book Project Due at Top of Q3