Monday, September 22, 2014

AP Lit 4G: Power Guides & Blogging

Today was supposed to include the following:

  • Power Guide Creating: Effective Text Support
  • Blogging Rubric Overview & Blogging in Class
  • Writing Workshop: Synthesis Essay Intro & 1st Body Paragraph
  • Frankenstein Close Reading & Discussion

That was the plan.

We did the first two.

And the rest we will do on Friday.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Posts: Use your media tool of choice to create a three song (at least) play list for Robert Walton on his voyage.  Justify your choices.

Use to create a customized color palette for Frankenstein.  Use the names of the colors to create meaning.  Justify your choices.
Due: Friday, Sept 26

Read & Annotate: Frankenstein (Complete Chap 12.)
Due: Friday, Sept 26
Hint: Annotations can make great blogging

Write: Complete working draft of Synthesis Essay 1
Due: Friday, Sept 26 for workshopping

Brit Lit CPI: Getting Started with 20% Time

We started our 20% Time today.

And because we won't have a typical class on Wednesday because of late start and guidance visits, we used all of today as 20% Time.

Folks who didn't have ideas for where to go, met with me.

Folks who have ideas for where to go were asked to fill out one of two graphic organizers to help you organize your thinking.  Both can be found in the Brit Lit CPI Google Drive folder in the "Shared With Me" section of your Google Drive.

On Friday, folks will have more 20% Time, we will set up blogs and systems for tracking our 20% Time progress.  We will also start doing the work necessary to make your 20% Time projects a success by watching the original Frankenstein and looking at how the ideas in that film can inspire our work.


20% Time Project: Make progress.  Keep thinking.

Humanities: Empathy, Story & Blogging

We started today by reviewing the "Empathy, Sympathy or Something Else" article and thinking that folks were asked to complete for today.  We spent a lot of time on empathy and how it is unique from sympathy.

That led into looking at our blogging rubric

We talked at length about these expectations.  A lot of length.  We didn't get a chance to blog today.

We'll fix that on Tuesday.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Post: Creative Blog Post: Post a Six-Word Memoir & a Six-Image Memoir on your blog.  Consider how you present those images, the arrangement, the format, etc.
Due: Friday, 9/26

Read: Symphony Portfolio in Whole New Mind
Prepare: I Notice, I Wish, I Wonder thinking

Start Planning: Whole New Mind Portfolio Project
Choose:  Career or Long/Medium/Short Term Goal to focus upon