Monday, September 30, 2013

All Classes: How to Be Productive

Humanities: Socratic Seminar & Then We Built!

We started class in Mr. Dunbar's room and completed a quick socratic seminar.    (You can also find it shared in your Google Drive.)

Then it was building time.  We got loads of building and painting and more done.

Biggest development?  Cardboard Challenges MUST BE READY FOR THURSDAY PERIOD 3.

This is a change from what as said last week, but it is must be this way for us to do this as part of a collective experience at Mt. Blue.

Cardboard Challenge

We have a lot of work to do by next Wednesday.

Here's everything that needs to happen for the Cardboard Challenge.

1. PBL/DT Project Proposal.   The form is in your e-mail AND available at this blog post.  You need approval before we will grant access to materials and tools.

2. Cardboard Challenge.  Build. Make. Create.  Bring resources from home.  (Do not bring knives/box cutters.  We will provide box cutters in class.)  Ask yourself this question: How might we construct a cardboard product without glue or tape?
DUE: Thurs., Oct. 3rd.  Period 3.  Lunch.  Awesome.

3. Cardboard Challenge Research IGNITE.  This is a slide show similar to your autobiography.  It requires you to research a topic related to your particular cardboard project and create a 2 minute, 12 slide presentation about that topic.
DUE: Wed, Oct. 9th


You have at least three blog posts due this week.  One of them must document your cardboard challenge -- as many parts and pieces of your process as possible.  Pics of drawings and designs, notes, prototypes, stages of assembly.   The other two (or more) may be about anything related to class.  It may be LoNGview work, it may be answers to questions raised in socratic seminar, it may be commentary about how class is going, it may be ideas on what you'd like to research for your ignite presentation part of the cardboard challenge.
DUE: Oct. 3rd or 4th (No school on the 4th, but it won't be late if it comes in on that day)

Here's a Schedule of Due Dates

DEEP Thinking Graphic Organizer: Due last week

Cardboard Challenge Project Proposal: Due ASAP

Roots Quiz #2 & Word Map/Product #2: Due Thursday, 10/10

Blog Posts (3+ including cardboard challenge documentation): Due Thurs or Fri,  10/3, 10/4

Cardboard Challenge: Due Thursday, Oct 3rd, Period 3

Cardboard Challenge IGNITE Research Presentation: Due Wednesday, October 9th

AP Lit: Discussing Dalloway (& More)

Today marks our first formally graded class discussion.

We have a new rubric for blogging starting with this week, Q1 Week 3.

The rubric is below.

Today we also start using our discussion rubric.

Today's back channel is here.


Write: College Essay Submission draft
Due Friday 10/4

Read: The Hours (optional b/c not enough copies to req.; Mr. Ryder cannot count.)
Will be extremely valuable in understanding Mrs. Dalloway and in creating a great Dallowinian Party event.
Due Wednesday 10/9

Start Planning & Thinking: Dallowinian Party - Character
See Materials & Rubric in Google Drive OUT folder.
Updated rubric coming soon
Due Friday 10/18

3+ Entries Including the Creative Entry of the Week
Creative Blog: For some writers, a character's attire is little more than an afterthought.   Not so, with our most recent creators.  Both Woolf and Cunningham use clothing and physical appearance to convey meaning in their respective works.

Use Polyvore, or another tool or physical materials, to create a wardrobe collage suitable for a character in either Mrs. Dalloway or The Hours.  You may try to create a historically and textually accurate collection or you may choose instead to select contemporary equivalents.  Explain your selections with regards to conveying meaning, not merely literal interpretations.

Added Challenge:  Use physical wardrobe pieces and photography to do the same.

PACE: Taking Stock of PACE & Proposing Hero Projects

We will continue our efforts to flip the classroom around a bit today.  We'll meet in F 215 while taking advantage of all of our new tables and seating locations.

Teacher PACE:
* Work in Book Groups to Complete a Heroic Cycle Model using Design Kits & Your Book
* Complete a vision statement in class
* I Am Hero Project proposals submitted

Student PACE
* Choose your work groups for the vision
* Design & propose your I Am Hero project

Teacher PACE
How does the hero of your group's novel fulfill the heroic cycle/monomyth?

Here are a couple of models to help you remember the stages.  Note! The stages don't have to have the exact same names, so long as the order looks pretty much the same.  Some models are more simple than others and that's okay:

Clickable model of the Monomyth:
Page of explanations to help you with that model:

And finally, a great video to help as well.

After Teacher PACE time, here's what needs to happen before you leave the room today.

Student PACE
1. Work in a group of 1, 2, or 3 people to craft a vision statement about PACE.  Based on the ideas on the shared doc, what do you think PACE should look like this year?  Put your vision on the PACE Vision Thinking doc.

Here's an incomplete example to help your thinking:
PACE is a class where we are productive and use freedom to our advantage.  We pursue our personal interests but also do challenging work.  It's important to us that we have time to do our work in class, and it's important to us that our individual needs are respected.

2.  I Am Hero Project Proposal submitted and a conference with either Mr. Ryder or Miss Murphy.

3. Submit your I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #2 by placing it in your Google Drive PACE 2013 IN box.


I Am Hero Project
I Am Hero Project
Due: Wed, 10/16
I Am Hero Project Proposal
Due: Today, 9/30
I Am Hero Graphic Organizer Week #3
Due: Mon, 10/7

Q1 Week 2
3+ Posts this week to meet/exceed the standard
Creative Entry Required:

Everyone know the best way to get help on your heroic journey is by posting to Craigslist and advertising in Uncle Henry’s.

Create three advertisements based on your book:  One for a helper, one for an amulet, and one for either an obstructor OR a hero (that last one provides a chance to really play around with point of view).  

Quick example:  Help Wanted: MWM, 36, seeks mortal enemy to challenge him at every turn and push him to excel at everything in life, especially teaching career, family time, and general nerding.  Who wouldn’t want to be his nemesis?  He’s balding, moody and weird.  Strike now!

You can visit or to explore the formatting, the categories, the relative length, and the style used.

Student PACE Suggestions:

  • Work on your I Am Hero Project
  • Bring materials you need to class
  • Keep checking the rubric for standards & requirements
  • Show Mr. Ryder & Miss Murphy your ideas