Sunday, January 24, 2016

AP Lit 3G: Sonnets & Such

Hi folks,

This week we continue building our new routines for AP Lit.  I'm excited about it.  I think it is going to do a lot of really great things for us in here.

So here we go . . .

Dream Time.  Compose a haiku about sonnets.  5-7-5.  Bonus points and high fives for using a kigo, writing in present tense, and having a turn (kireji).  (10 min.)

No Red Ink.  Parallel structure.  We're starting our work with No Red Ink today.  We'll make sure everyone is logged in and able to access it. (10 min.)


We'll start with sharing our experiences with the readings and a quick round robin.
Which sonnet did you choose annotate?
Choose one take away/annotation from that poem to share with the class.

Close read: "Shall I Compare Thee . . ."
Focused SCOUTing.
S:  Diction.
C: Title.
O: Rhyme scheme and relation of the structure to the meaning; introducing the volta (more on this next class)
U: ___
T: Theme

On Demand Revisions.

We'll look at your revised On-Demand and see the extent to which the workshop helped.


Blog Prompt.
Image of a Sonnet. 
Step 1. Choose either the sonnet you annotated or another of your choosing from the assigned collection.  Post your annotations.
Step 2. Determine the rhyme scheme and organizational structure of the poem i.e. octave to sestet? sestet to octave? 
quatrain to sestet to couplet to couplet?
something else?
Step 3. Take a photo, find an image on, or create an image to illustrate each structural unit of the poem.
Step 4.  Post your images in an order that reflects the sonnet.
Step 5.  Write or record your intentions.
Due. Next Class.

Read.  How to Read Lit Like a Professor
"If It's Square, It's a Sonnet."
Annotate.  Bring your annotations.
Due. Next Class. 
(We're using the basic premise of Foster's chapter next class as the spine of our lesson.  So please be familiar.)

Design. Indie Book Project Q3.
Due.  Next Tuesday. Feb 2.
Be prepared to share.

Eng 9: Q3 and Believe and Power of One Unit Begins

We're starting new work this week and building upon our work with voice, details and media from the past couple of weeks.

We're also working on some new expectations with in-class work, blogging, No Red Ink and vocab, so there's a lot of change that I think will make the learning that much better around these parts.

Let's get started with our new routine and our Power of One Unit.

Dream Time. You wake up to learn you've got fifteen minutes before Godzilla comes stomping through your town in all his big giant lizard dinosaur mutant glory.  He happens to be on a collision course for your house and you still haven't eaten breakfast.  Write, record, or draw what happens next.  (10 min.)

No Red Ink.  Log in and take the new pre-assessment on Commonly Confused Words II.  (10 min.)

Roots. List 8.  Go to the Quizlet for Roots 8.  Get familiar with the terms.  We'll use them on Wednesday in an activity.  (10 min.)

Watch & Respond.  "Believe."
Believe from Richard Addlesee on Vimeo.

After watching this short film twice, complete the following tasks.  (They are also on a Google doc in  Eng 9 OUT.)  (30 min.)

1.  TweetIt.  Summarize the story in 140 characters or less.

2.  Identify at least one example of foreshadowing in the film.  (Next level thinking: Explain how this filmmaker uses foreshadowing to get a reaction from his audience.)

2.  Discuss the Title.  What message do you think the filmmaker is trying to deliver by calling this film, "Believe?"  What happens in the film to support your thinking?  (Paragraph of 3 to 5 sentences or Recording of 2 to 3 minutes.)

4.  Were you the filmmaker, what might be another one word title you'd use for this film?  Explain your thinking.  (Paragraph of 3 to 5 sentences or Recording of 2-3 minutes)

Blog Prompt.  Turn your answers to Questions 1, 2 and 3 into a blog post.  If you created recordings, you will want to upload them to Google Drive and then make shareable links.  (I can show you how to do this.  It isn't too hard at all.)

Optional Creative Blog Prompt.  Tell the story of what happens if this film were twice as long.  Would the time be added to end?  Then what would happen?  You you add the time to beginning?

Daily Work Log and Blog.  Complete the daily work log in your inbox and then start your blog post, due by next class.


Prompt. "Believe" View & Respond.
 Due Next Class: Wednesday.  Jan. 27.

Roots 6-8.  
Thursday.  Feb 4.