Sunday, September 13, 2015

AP Lit 4B: Literary 3x3s

We committed our Friday to becoming comfortable with Literary 3x3, exploring the power of distillation and remix.

Our work centered on Tracy K. Smith's "I Don't Miss It."

Showing the Learning.
Read. True Grit (1 to 44).
Due. Tuesday. 9.15.
Create.  Literary 3x3s.
Summer books.
True Grit
How to Read Lit Like a Professor Intro.
Set Up. Blog.

Pop Culture: Taking Care of Business.

Today we took care of the business side of things.
Guidelines & Expectations.

We looked at the Guidelines & Expectations for the class.
Then we set up our blogs on Blogger.

And finally we got started on Pinterest.  We'll be using the #flight307pc hashtag when we curate content on Pinterest for the class.
Follow Flight307's board Flight307 Pop Culture on Pinterest.

Essential Questions.
Finally, I shared the four essential questions for this course.

  • To what extent does pop culture influence society?
  • To what extent does pop culture influence you?
  • To what extent do you influence pop culture?
  • To what extent does society influence pop culture?

Show the Learning.

Find an article, listening, or viewing that speaks to one of the four essential questions for this class.
Check out Flight307's Pop Culture Board on Pinterest for inspriation.

Humanities 2BG: 9/11 and Caine's Arcade


On Friday, we started class by listening to this StoryCorps story of a husband and father talking about losing his wife on 9/11.

Isaac Feliciano via StoryCorps

Mr. Brackett and I both shared our experiences on 9/11 and answered some clarifying questions, cleared up a couple of misconceptions.  It was quite a serious discussion and I was impressed with the seriousness and respect with which the class handled it.
Global Cardboard Challenge.

Then we allowed ourselves to breathe a little joy into the room again as we introduced the Imagination Foundation's Global Cardboard Challenge by watching Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick.

We will hold our cardboard challenge on either October 8th or October 13th.  (We are still trying to figure that out.)  In either case, you will have two weeks in class to design a cardboard product that either . . .

a) Solves a Problem
b) Brings Others Joy
c) Demonstrates a Passion

The other Humanities class is doing this project and perhaps other classes as well.

Show the Learning.

Get ready for next week.
Blogging starts.
Vocab starts.
LNG starts.
Lots of opportunities to show the learning.