Thursday, September 19, 2013

Humanities: Roots Sorting & PBL/DT Proposing

Today will start w/ another quick improv game.

We'll follow this with a Roots #1 activity called a concept sort.  Remember there is a quiz & product due next Thursday, 9/26

After this, we'll introduce the PBL/DT proposal form. This form is due by Monday, 9/23.  We use this to keep track of group work, to check with understanding ahead of time.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you write up your answers in a different app and then cut and paste your responses.

 If you need a hardcopy to fill out, holler!  We can give you one.

Complete: PBL/DT Proposal Form - Due Monday 9/23

Build: Cardboard Challenge: Due Oct 2nd.  Challenge is on Oct 3rd!
Gather: Materials and resources for Cardboard Challenge

Roots 1: Quiz & Product (Either Word Map or create a story/poem/song/animated film/puppet show that uses 10 root-based words)

Blog: Play around w/ your blog and get some content on there. Next week, it becomes a regular assignment to blog 3+x 

Humanities: PBL/DT Proposal Form