Monday, October 5, 2015

Pop Culture: How Might We Design a Better Music Experience?

Today, we are going to run a 20 minute design flashlab.  How might we design a better listening device?

We'll use DEEP design thinking to do this.

Discovery.  We'll start with making a list of all the devices we use to listen to music 1 min.

Empathy.  We'll make a massive bug list of what annoys about our listening devices. See what we like, dislike.  5 min.

Experiment. We'll dig into the maker cart and come up with prototypes for better listening devices.  They may be tiny.  They may be massive.  10 min.

Produce.  We'll share and quickly get some feedback.  4 min.

Consider building something like this for your project due this week.

Then you will have time to work on your projects, blogging, Pinterest and more.

Blog. 3+ Posts.
Curate.  1 Pinterest Pin.
Required Critical Creativity Blog Post Options.
Option 1. (From my friend Amy Burvall)   Analog Remix Found Poetry: Developed by David Theriault (another friend of mine) who has an excellent blog post/lesson plan about this with ideas for all disciplines. You can create the Burrough effect by laying two poems or lyrics or any text next to each other (he even suggests chapters from a textbook) and manually creating the found poem using a variety of techniques (“blackout poetry” is always a good choice, but you can get more fancy).

Option 2. Sketchnote the lyrics to a favorite song of yours. What are sketchnotes?

Option 3. Create a YouDubber that takes a current news story and puts a song on top of the footage for a an intentional effect. Explain your thinking.

Design & Submit. Music Culture Projects.  
Due. Wednesday. 10.7.15.
We start our film unit on Wednesday with a nice bridge: film score composition, sound tracking and music supervision.