Monday, February 22, 2016

AP Lit: Back from Break

Contrary to Flight307, we did quite a bit of things before break.  Got off my blogging game there . . .

Monday and Tuesday of this week we will discuss Act V and Hamlet as a whole, exploring the idea of tragedy, the tragic flaw, and the trajectories of these characters.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we bust out Little Bits electronics as we examine the power structures of Hamlet.  

Friday and next Monday we explore the design of Hamlet and try to reverse engineer Shakespeare's intentions.

For tonight . . .


Read.  How to Read Lit: When In Doubt, It's Shakespeare.
Blog.  Discuss the extent to which you see Foster's assertions surfacing in the storytelling you encounter today.  (Let that idea of storytelling take you into whatever creative mediums your brain takes you.)
Use text evidence from Foster and specifics from your contemporary examples to prove your point.

Blog. SUPER IMPORTANT.  Submit your best  evidence from the past three weeks of blogging into STANDARDS EVIDENCE 1 on the blog tracker. 

Anticipate.  Blog post related to vocabulary for next class.  

Design.  HMW 2BN2B.
Due. Next Thursday/Friday.