Friday, September 25, 2015

AP Lit 3G/4B Update: True Grit, Literary 3x3 & Synthesis Essay and More

Hi folks,

You six are doing a fantastic job of keeping up with my crazy.  The conversations have been strong, the thinking has been even stronger, and I am feeling good about the drafts I am going to receive next week.

Reminder that blog posts are due on Fridays.  Last week you had a Five Card Flickr in the voice of Mattie Ross challenge, this week a Soundtracking True Grit challenge.  (Next week: Color!  The week after?  Sketchnotes!)  The rest of the posts?  Anything related to class and thinking and creativity and drafts and annotations and thoughts and connecting and what not.

Starting NEXT week, I will be holding you to the expectation you connect to another students blog post.  There will be enough content from the weeks prior that you should be able to do this with little trouble.

Next week, True Grit should be completed (Monday for 3G, Tuesday for 4B) and synthesis essay first submission drafts completed as well. (DUE WEDNESDAY!)   We'll dive into the book on Monday & Tuesday and use SCOUT to do some close readings.  We'll also look at a bunch of other writings.  Excerpts. Poetry. Etc.

Here are the two Literary 3x3 Throwdowns from the two classes.  Though you'd like to see what the other is thinking.

Show Your Learning.
Blog. 3+ Posts
Creative Challenge.  Soundtrack True Grit (3+ Songs.)
Due. Friday. 9.25.15

Finish. Reading True Grit.
Due. Monday & Tuesday.  9.28-29.1.15

Design. 1st Submission Draft of Synthesis Essay 1.
Due. Wednesday.  9.30.15
What if we don't have class?  Yay for Google Docs!

Humanities 2BG: Multigenre Projects Continued; Blogging Continued

On Thursday we followed up the discussion & instructions of Wednesday with time to work in small groups exploring genres/styles/storytelling and blogging.

Here is the rubric for the Who Am I (At  the Moment)? Multigenre Project.

Here are pictures of our notes.

Our due date for this multigenre project is Monday, Sept 28.  If you turn it in on Friday, you will have the weekend to better recharge.  However, turn in your best quality work.  We'd much rather receive quality work on time than rushed work early.

Remember, too, that you have blog posts due this week.  At least one of the blog posts needs to be about your multigenre -- either a draft of a genre, a plan for your design, or the whole blessed thing.

To turn in your blog posts, go to our Humanities Blog Tracker.  BE SURE YOU PUT WEEK ONE POSTS IN WEEK ONE, WEEK TWO POSTS IN WEEK TWO!  Otherwise, you may not get credited as providing evidence of your Habits of Mind for each week.

Here's the blogging rubric again to help remind you of expectations.

Show Your Learning.

Blog. 3+ Posts.
Required Creative Challenge. Multigenre Project #ShowYourWork.  
Include any part or all of your MG.
Due. Friday. 9.25.15.
Post. Humanities Blog Tracker.

What else could I blog?  Oreo Challenge. Manilla Folder Challenge.  Lego Challenge.
Any and all of the graphic organizers so far.
Any and all of the LNG work so far.
Any draft or planning or sketchnoting or doodling so far.
Your personal flag.
Your Thirty Circles.
Poetry.  Creative Writing. Reflections. Things You are Seeing that Make You Think. 
Comments and Critiques and Dialogues
Videos That You Want to Talk About.
Music That You Want to Talk About.
Memes That Make You Think and Laugh And Think.
Articles That Make You Think.

Design.  Who Am I (At This Moment) Multigenre Project
Due. Monday. 9.30.15.

Next Week. Global Cardboard Challenge Begins.