Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AP Lit 3G: Synthesis Workshop 1 & Mrs. Dalloway Begins

Two goals on this far too short of a day.

1. Workshop Synthesis Essays.  Our focus for this session will be strictly upon the introduction & thesis statement.  Why?  Go back and take a look at our data on where we believe our strengths and weaknesses as writers lie.  Also, important to have that foundation and as we discuss them, we can also raise ideas from Ender's Game and the other texts for which we haven't had much opportunity.  Yet.

We'll start with you posting your introductions on this Google doc right here.

For those anxious to discuss, know that there is a graded class discussion/seminar in our near future.  It is on its way.

2.  Discuss Mrs. Dalloway.  We will look at Woolf's style & techniques, clarify characters & plot events, and make sense of it all.


Blog: 3+ entries (3 effective, meaningful entries = meets; exceeds = 4 OR mindblowing, uber brilliant 3)  for Friday including 1st creative prompt:

Soundtracking a Most Cinematic Moment: Each of our novels thus far has possessed certain cinematic qualities.  Choose a passage from a particularly cinematic moment, post that passage, and link/embed a song that you believe would serve as an effective soundtrack to that moment.  Added challenge? Compose your own original.

Write: Synthesis Essay: 2nd Workshop worthy draft due in class on Friday, 9/20

Read: Mrs. Dalloway up to "He went away that night.  He never saw her again."

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