Monday, September 23, 2013

AP Lit: Modified Lot Jot

On Monday we used a method of uncovering a text that I learned about via @franmcveigh on Twitter and a blog post from Melanie Holtsman. I made a couple of mods to suit our needs.

Note that we posted questions Mrs. Dalloway raises, then added two follow up questions to the questions that intrigued us. We then went around and slid the questions we deemed most pressing or interesting into the corner of the number lot.

The corner questions were posted on Google+ in our class communities.

The other Qs will become quizlet slides that we can revisit and use later for other discussions and idea generating.

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Vickie Holtsman said...

I love it! Especially the way you are able to integrate technology in ways we cannot here with elementary. Did the kids love it? They look very engaged!