Monday, October 14, 2013

AP Lit: Prufrock Analyzed

Since we have such a creative endeavor ahead of this week in class, the assigned blog post will be analytical in nature.  However, one may want to use creative means of uncovering meaning between these two texts. (Taking pics can be a great way to share non-tech work on your blogs.)

Choose one of the several items of criticism at the link provided.  Choose one that captures an interesting angle, reflects or refutes your thinking, opens your eyes or otherwise engages your thinking.  These are not easy reads, some more challenging than others. Be unafraid to dig further, to research allusions.  Document your process (this may be more than a single blogpost's worth of work) and then post your thoughts in relation to the critic's.  Q: To what extent to you concur with the critic's assertions?

EQ: To what extent can amateurs demonstrate the quality of thought presented by experts?

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