Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Humanities: Cardboard Challenge Essay & IGNITE Rubric

Today we started class with a quick improv game to see how we felt about our Cardboard Challenge Projects.  It was interesting to hear the various responses.  I'm glad so many folks felt great about their work and I wondering why so many folks didn't.

From there we did a little Pictionary-style activity to prep for Roots 2.  REMEMBER: The quiz is over BOTH Roots 1 & 2. And you have a word map due over Roots 2! (Or a roots-based word product of some sort.) Super important that you study both.  Click on the link in the sidebar to find your Roots study tools.

That led to breaking up the class in two to cover the expectations for the Cardboard Challenge IGNITE research presentation and the Cardboard Challenge 5 Paragraph Reflective Process Essay.  Those expectations are in the rubric below:

This rubric is available as a PDF in your Google Drive.


Study: Roots Quiz #2 (over 1 & 2) and Word Map
Due Thursday, 10/10

Blog: 3+ quality posts on your blog. (Make sure you are caught up! Need ideas? Post your pre-thinking about your essays, about your IGNITE research.  Post pictures of your work on Cardboard Challenges.  Post the results of your Roots practicing.
Due Friday, 10/11

Cardboard Challenge IGNITE Research Presentation: 2 min, 12 slides
Due Tuesday, 10/15

Cardboard Challenge 5 Paragraph Essay: Intro, Product, Process, Outcome, Conclusion
Due Thursday, 10/17

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