Monday, October 28, 2013

Humanities: Poverty Questions, Power Voting & Of Mice & Men

Today in Humanities we'll continue the work we started on Friday.

We need to complete our sorting and then identify 4 questions in each group that the group believes to be valuable, meaningful and interesting questions worth answering/solving.  

We'll compile those 16 questions (4 groups X 4 questions) and run a PowerVote through Google Drive.  The 4 questions that receive the most votes become the focus of our unit.  After we vote, we'll run a "How Might We?" session to brainstorm ways we can go about answering those questions.

Meanwhile . . . as Mr. Ryder pulls together those 16 questions, Mr. Dunbar has an article from and a Three 4 Thinking graphic organizer to help you understand the article.  Remember: graphic organizers aren't there to be annoying "worksheets" -- they are there to help you sort, organize, and think about the information you are getting from a reading/viewing/listening.  They also help the teacher folk in the room to determine whether or not you "get it."  


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd: Post 3 images/symbols that represent the 1st quarter for you; after posting the images, write a single paragraph of explanation
Due: Friday, Nov. 1

Complete/Revise (If You Choose): Cardboard Challenge IGNITE & Essay
Due: Friday, Nov. 1 (Grades closing!)

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