Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Humanities: Upright Frameworks Pays Us a Visit

We'll start class with a quick review of due dates.

Today, IGNITE Research Presentations are due.  We'll be showcasing those soon, so be certain to get it in if you haven't already.

Thursday, Reflective 5 Paragraph Essays: Cardboard Challenge are due.

We will have Wednesday to meet with folks and help them out.

Assigned today is Roots 3 Quiz & Word Map.  Find links in the right hand sidebar and remember that the quiz will be over Roots 1, 2 & 3.  That quiz will be next Thursday, 10/24.  Word Map is due that day as well. (Last lists for the quarter!)

Now . . . on to our guests.

Upright Frameworks

Mr. Ryder asked Upright Frameworks founder, and Mt. Blue grad, Josh Wojick to come and talk about the work he does as a weatherization and energy efficiency specialist.  His company is a great example of a business that is both financially successful and works toward a larger purpose.

I also think his work is a prime example of design thinking in action.  The skills he and his crew use daily are the sorts of thinking we've been doing in class with the classroom redesign & the cardboard challenge builds.

Essential Question: How might we use design thinking in a real world business?


Submit: Cardboard Challenge: IGNITE Research Presentation (12 slides, 2 minutes)
Place in your Humanities IN Folder on Google Drive
Due: Today

Write: Cardboard Challenge: 5 Paragraph Essay Reflection on Product, Process, Outcome
Due: Thursday, 10/17

3+ Posts
Required Post: TBA
Due: Friday, 10/18

Learn: Roots 3
Word Map & Quiz (Roots 1 - 3)
Due: Thursday, 10/24

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