Saturday, November 16, 2013

AP Lit 2B/3B & 3G: Hamlet Begins

AP Lit 2/B, 3/B & 3G: Hamlet Begins

This is the work we did on Thursday and Friday, November 14 and 15, 2013.

We focused on energy primarily on Hamlet, starting with an little trust exercise involving closing our eyes and moving across the room.  (Periods 2B & 3B had a full class experience with this.)

We read Hamlet 1.1 aloud, with some side coaching on delivery.  It worked out well.  We then did a close reading of the scene, with particular attention to Horatio around line 125, the ways in which Shakespeare folded in dichotomies of faith and spirituality, historical and Biblical allusions, and foreshadows the entire play within the space of a few words.  In 3B, we even went so far as to look at the the connections between Brutus and Judas.  And we pointed toward How to Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter 5 and how true that seems to be in just this one sampling of Horatio's dialogue.

In the coming week, we will spend further time with How to Read Lit Like a Professor, using it to inform our synthesis work as well as our analysis of Hamlet. 

Lastly, note the new synthesis essay is due for workshopping next week.  Plan wisely.  Start some pre-planning now and document, document, document your process.  You will want it all for your big self-analysis project in the spring.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Post:
Write a brief dialogue in which two characters reveal exactly how they feel about a third, not-present character, without ever using the phrasing, "I don't like ... " or "I really appreciate ____" etc.  This is an opportunity to practice showing vs. telling while also gaining perspective on the challenge facing a playwright that doesn't want to bore audiences with exposition.
Due: Friday, November 15

Read: Hamlet, 1.2 (Click for Folger edition online; download PDF from them for handwritten markups)
Due: Monday/Tuesday, November 18 & 19

Read & Annotate: How to Read Lit Like a Professor, Chapter 6: Shakespeare
Due: Monday/Tuesday, November 18 & 19
Write: Synthesis #2
Source material is anything you've read for class by assignment or choice
Workshop Draft Due: Tuesday, November 19 anWed., November 20th
Submission Draft Due: Tuesday, November 26th

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