Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AP Lit 2B/3B: Hamlet 1.2 and Synthesis #2 Workshopping

How to Read Lit Like a Prof
We will start with a quick How to Read Lit Like a Professor warm up to help us with our workshop.

  1. Get a stack of index cards from the white design tools cabinet.  
  2. Everyone gets two blank cards.
  3. Find two sentences from the chapters that seem to be of particular value or resonance for you.
  4. Put the sentences on the cards (one sentence for each). 
  5. Next . . . put the cards together as a deck and shuffle them.
  6. As a class draw a single card. 
  7. Imagine that sentence is the thesis statement for a synthesis essay.  
  8. Work as a class to brainstorm the evidence that could prove that thesis. Fast.  Super fast.  Quick on our feet thinking.


We will also take time to review our effective feedback criteria using a Quizlet collection of our feedback from the book projects.

We will use this to calibrate ourselves before looking at one or two class papers and provide some effective feedback through Google docs.


We will read 1.2 aloud and learn more of this castle and it's goings on.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Creative Post:
Allusion-Palooza. Shakespeare's work can be incredibly dense, in part because it is built upon most every idea that came before it.  Historical, Biblical, and mythological references abound.  Now it's your turn. Craft a monologue or soliloquy (take the time to research the distinction) of around 20 lines or so in which the character expresses an inability to take action or a lack of confidence in decision making.

Pack it full with as many allusions as possible -- they may be classical or modern -- the intention here is to explore how allusion can inform a text and tune your thinking to Shakespeare's strategy.
Due: Friday, November 21

Read: Hamlet, 1.3 (Click for Folger edition online; download PDF from them for handwritten markups)
Due: Thursday, Nov 21

Next Draft: Synthesis #2
Source material is anything you've read for class by assignment or choice
2nd Workshop Draft Due: Thursday., November 21st
Submission Draft Due: Tuesday, November 26th

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