Friday, November 1, 2013

PACE: Finishing the Unpacking

Friday, we started by writing the final paragraph for our I Am Hero project reflections: outcome.  Folks should be certain to share their I Am Hero project reflection paragraphs (product, process, outcome) in their PACE 2013 IN folders.

I Am Hero ProductProcess, Outcome
Product: Describe in detail what you made OR what you've tried to make (if it isn't done yet)

Process: How you go about making it?  What troubles did you encounter? How did you overcome them OR why do they continue to persist?

Outcome: How does it look? How satisfied are you with the end result? What would you do the same? Differently? And what big understandings can you take with you from creating this product?

From there, we jumped into our Ohana teams and review our weekly work plans.  

Based on the outcomes of those discussions, I think we may need to add an exit ticket or Ohana report something that let's us capture the work done.  Wondering what PACE folks think . . .

Then it was on to unpacking the standards.  We finished paraphrasing the reading and writing standards and then started on to writing some outcome-based statements.  

If I am able to meet this standard, then I can . . . 

Over the weekend, I will HMW our "Music Is Poetry Is Music Unit" and then PACE folks can provide feedback, make changes, etc.


3+ Posts
Req'd: Post 3 images/symbols that represent the 1st quarter for you; after posting the images, write a single paragraph of explanation

I Am Hero Projects & Revisions
I Am Hero Graphic Organizers & Revisions
I Am Hero Product, Process, Outcome
PACE has until MONDAY to get this stuff in to me

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