Monday, November 25, 2013

PACE: Poetry Is Music: Repetition & Rhyme

We have a Turkey Day ahead of us and then . . . we unleash the full fury of our project-based learning on the Poetry Is Music Is Poetry unit.

Today, we add our third -- and final --  building block so that we can move forward with creating.
 Repetition and rhyme are very similar.   Miss Rumble built this flipped lesson to help you.

We will take a look at how a couple of different poems use rhyme and repetition effectively and in different ways.

Before we move any further, we are going to craft "If I understand ______ then I can ______ "  statements around these four poetic devices.  This is all part of unpacking standards.

  • For example, if I understand diction, then I can choose a better word than "good" to describe my feelings about my relationship with my wife.

Or maybe . . . 

  • If I understand repetition, then I can write a poem that uses the same phrase at the beginning of each line to help get my point across.

Let's fill one of the marker boards with these statements so we can get ideas for how we might demonstrate our understanding through the projects.

You will have time to complete your graphic organizers.

If you've done all the work in the unit & quarter up to now, you will have . . .

  • 12 blog posts (including Oct. 28 - Nov 1)
  • 4 graphic organizers (beat making lab, diction, figurative language, rhyme/repetition) 
One quick glance at the Google Drive IN folders suggests that folks have some work left to do.  This work is important because it lets me know whether or not you are understanding the basics knowledge before you start trying to create and make.


Blog: No New Posts!  Get caught up!  Should have 12!

Graphic Organizers: Check your due dates doc.  Have you kept up? Get them into your IN folder.

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