Thursday, November 14, 2013

PACE: Poetry Music Unit Plan (Finally) & Bob Marley

Little bit of a reset from Tuesday . . .

We started by looking at our unit plan for Music Is Poetry Is Music

You can watch it evolve by looking at these pics.  The final one is the unit plan.

You can also look at the Poetry Is Music Is Poetry in outline form below or at this link.

After talking about the unit, we brainstormed what we already knew, or thought we knew about Bob Marley.

  • Plays music
  • He's a man (yes, we put that up there)
  • Believes smoking weed makes you free
  • Dad's white
  • He's anti-violence
  • Has an undetermined number of children
  • Vegetarian (though we wrote 'veggie eater')
  • Original name was Nesta 
  • Died of cancer
  • Rasta

Then we watched a clip from the 2012 documentary, Marley, by Kevin McDonald, and I lectured for a bit about his career, the gunshot, the exile, and the handshake.

We ended with my modeling how to create a Bob Marley remix, by taking words and lines from his songs and rearranging them into a new song that reflect his ideals, his point of view, his tone and his spirit.  I used lines from "Buffalo Soldier," "Redemption Song," "No Woman, No Cry," and "Get Up, Stand Up."

On Monday, you will work in groups of 1, 2 or 3 to do the same with Marley.  Plus, you will start on your flipped poetic device work.  I'll have at least one video ready to go.

In the meantime, you have the following to complete.


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Creative Post: Select a favorite musical artist of yours and create a lyrical remix, an original song made up from the words of that artist's previous words.  This is an opportunity to examine how songwriters craft their work, while at the same time giving you a chance to look at the patterns and repetition, rhyme and figurative language of your favorite music.

Include a brief analysis of your song that explains your thinking, the choices you made and how you believe your song reflects that artist's other work.

Due: Friday, Nov. 15

Three 4 Thinking over Beat Making Lab videos
Due: Today

Be Thinking:
Project Choices & Essay Topics

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