Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PACE: Calibrating & Project Work

We have spent the last month of class focusing on the reading standard.

Today we take some time to self-assess what we have learned, what we have done to demonstrate that learning by using the reading standard self-assessment chart in your PACE 2013 OUT folder.

And then there will be time to work on your poetry projects, due Thursday.  Remember, if you have your project done and submitted, you will not have any work to do over break.

When we return from break: writing.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:  Personal semester year in review.  Where are you at?  Where have you been?  How have you grown?  How would you like to grow?  What is working well for you in this class?  What could help you do even better?
Due: Friday, December 20

Complete Project: Poetry Is Music Is Poetry
Due: Thursday, December 19

Complete: Graphic Organizers
Due: PAST Due

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