Friday, January 24, 2014

All Classes: Student Motivation

I'd be really interested to hear folks talk about where they fall on this scale if they were to assess themselves.  And it's okay.  I don't hold it against anyone if they are not feeling authentically engaged in my classes -- it lets me know I've got to think about new approaches and strategies.

From Mike Muir's Blog "Multiple Pathways" and adapted from Phil Schlechty 
Authentic Engagement. The student associates the task with a result or product that has meaning and value for the student, such as reading a book on a topic of personal interest or to get information needed to solve a problem the student is actively trying to solve.
Ritual Engagement. The task has little inherent or direct value to the student, but the student associates it with outcomes or results that do have value, as when a student reads a book in order to pass a test.
Passive Compliance. The task is done to avoid negative consequences, although the student sees little meaning or value in the tasks themselves.
Retreatism. The student is disengaged from the tasks and does not attempt to comply with the demands of the task, but does not try to disrupt the work or substitute other activities for it.
Rebellion. The student refuses to do the task, tries to disrupt the work, or attempts to substitute other tasks to which he or she is committed in lieu of those assigned by the teacher.

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